Iraq, Usa: “Forward with reduction of troops”





Iraq, Usa: Forward with troop reduction

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In the coming months, “the United States will continue to reduce the number of troops deployed in Iraq. In a joint note released by the State Department after yesterday’s videoconference talks in the “strategic dialogue” and after the Iraqi Parliament voted in January to end the presence of foreign troops, Washington and Baghdad speak of “progress significant towards eliminating the threat posed by ISIS “. The United States, it says, “will talk to the Iraqi government about the status of the forces” that will remain in the Arab country.

The US reiterates that it is not interested in a “permanent military presence” in the country, nor therefore in having “permanent bases”, and the Iraqi government confirms its commitment to “protect the military personnel of the international coalition”. Iraq announced “victory” over ISIS in 2017, but jihadists continue to launch attacks in the country. Baghdad’s January vote came after the US air raid on Iraq in which Iranian general Qassem Soleimani was killed.

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