Iran, journalist Zam sentenced to death, kidnapped in Iraq in 2019


Ruollah Zam, a famous Iranian journalist exiled to France for many years and “disappeared” in Baghdad in 2019, was sentenced to death by a court in Tehran. Over the years, Zam had become famous in his country by managing “AmadNews”, a news site on the Telegram platform, one of the many information sites considered illegal that had supported the Iranian protests since 2017.According to the spokesman for the Iranian Justice, Zam was accused of having supported and participated in the demonstrations against the government: “The Court held that the thirteen counts of accusation correspond to the charge of” corruption on Earth “and therefore imposed the sentence of death, “said spokesman Gholamhossein Esmaoli. According to the prosecution Zam was” an instrument in the hands of foreign espionage services “and he used his page and his Telegram channel to spread false information.” Corruption on Earth “is a possible translation of Mofsed-and-filarz, a crime created by Ayatollah Khomeini after the advent of the Islamic revolution to substantially eliminate opponents by accusing them of malignant behavior foreseen by the Quran

To have imposed the sentence under the species of Mofsed-and-filarz allowed the death penalty: after the revolution with this type of condemnation at least 8000 were executed among opponents, old supporters and officials of the Shah regime.But the Zam case has a still unclear background: when he appeared in Tehran in the autumn of 2019 after escaping to France, the “Guardians of the Revolution” declared that Zam was part of a “psychological warfare” campaign and was under orders of the French authorities. It would also have acted with the support of the intelligence services of the United States and Israel. Zam had somehow been arrested in Iraq, where he had been lured on the pretext of participating in a journalist project. He was transferred to Tehran with an operation that the pasdarans had called “sophisticated and professional: a trap organized with modern intelligence methods and innovative tactics”. He has since been taken over by the Iranian judicial system, which has now issued his death sentence.

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