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iPhone 12 it shows itself in new mockup that illustrate in a rather faithful way the characteristics of the four models smartphones planned for this new delivery by Apple, in particular on the front of the body and the display.

The photos are released by Makotakara and obviously have the sole purpose of providing a more or less approximate idea of ​​what the four iPhone 12 models will look like when they arrive, scheduled for this fall on the market.

In particular, the photos with the models compared allow you to see the differences of dimensions and some technical features specifications, such as the positioning of the keys on the sides and the slot for the SIM card. From this documentation therefore emerges the presence of two models of the standard line and two Pro models, with three different screen sizes: it goes from the iPhone 12 with display 5.4-inch, passing through iPhone 12 Max and Pro with 6.1-inch screens and finally iPhone 12 Pro Max with the even larger 6.7-inch display, in all OLED cases.

In all cases, there are differences from the iPhone 11 as regards the shell, which is characterized by straighter edges and more marked edges, although always rounded, as well as a reduction in the size of edges and frames around the screen. Therefore, the notch always seems to be present, as well as the module camera seems to be faithfully taken from the version of iPhone 11, but in the mockups evidently the LiDAR sensor is missing which should become part of the Pro series with iPhone 12.

Iphone 12 Dummy

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