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[Rassegna Stampa] – The Federation has specified to the teams two new technical directives aimed at specifying some aspects of the use of power units, more in detail concerning the management of ERS energy and oil consumption. According to the specialized website The-Race, these indications are closely linked to the interaction between FIA and Ferrari following the investigation of the Maranello 2019 power unit. The official press release of the agreement covered by a confidentiality bond in fact explained: “The FIA ​​and Scuderia Ferrari have agreed on a series of technical commitments that will improve the monitoring of all Formula 1 power units for the next championship seasons“.

The FIA ​​has released two new technical guidelines for F1 this Thursday, strengthening the regulations relating to oil consumption and the management of energy generated by the ERS. These directives are believed to be the first result of the agreement between FIA and Ferrari, with the Italian team that will help the federal bodies to comply with the regulations. […] Directive 0018/20 concerns an update of the IVT sensor, which measures the distribution of electrical energy recovered by the ERS. The technical directive 0019/20, on the other hand, concerns compliance with the new oil consumption limit, limited to 0.3 liters per 100 km. The new measurement procedures that the FIA ​​will be able to implement, including the physical measurement of the quantity of oil introduced into the engine, are described. […] Given that Ferrari has contributed to the formulation of the latest directives, it is assumed that it will have no problem respecting them“.
Mark Hughes, The-Race

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