Interview with Leonardo Bocci, the most followed Roman quarantine on social media


From the ironic clashes “Roma Nord vs Roma Sud” with Actual to comic videos and romantic dedications to Coronavirus times. Leonardo Bocci he wasted no time during the lockdown but, on the contrary, showed sides of his acting that we didn’t know yet. His was one of the “Roman quarantines” most followed on social media, for many an inevitable daily parenthesis, for others a moment of leisure to pass the long days at home more lightly.

But how was Leonardo Bocci’s quarantine, beyond the screen of smartphones and tablets? The Roman actor told it in Rome Today …

In my life I don’t know how to stay at home, or at least I didn’t know how to do it before this quarantine. The first two weeks were peculiar, I woke up in the morning and wondered where I was. I had never lived home like I did in this time. Then slowly I got used to it, forcibly, and, living alone, I started talking with furniture, or I gave vent to my creativity on social networks.

Leonardo, you recently finished your collaboration with Actual, so your quarantine was doubly a journey alone …

Yes. I staked everything on social media, with small viral videos that spoke ironically about Coronavirus, from the use of the mask to the sketches in which I spoke alone in the mirror. The evenings, however, were a little melancholic, I was alone in the garden with a glass of wine and slowly I was getting a little sadness, from there I started thinking about Rome and a vein was born romantic that no one had ever seen and that is very liked.

From “Covmorra” to “Posta del cuore di De Luca”, the success of the Cerebros with millions of views. The interview

We have seen it well in the poem “Buongiorno Roma, te sei svejata?”, Which has become truly viral. Did you know you also had this romantic streak?

Actually, I always had it but I never showed it. The videos I made were always meant to entertain and there was no room for this romantic aspect that instead came out during the quarantine and that I will carry on. I did it for Rome but, in the next few days, I would like to write a thought for the boys who will face this different maturity. A side of me that I have been able to know better in this time of Coronavirus and that I will continue to use, in the future, to send messages to people.

In these months, therefore, what has been the goal of your work?

Many people told me they discovered a Leonardo they were not used to. Quarantine helped me to make myself better known by those who follow me. I managed to give a deeper idea of ​​myself, I managed to keep many company. I believe that the response of the followers, the messages received in this period, represent the maximum achievement of my goal “.

There are those who knew you from a different point of view, but also those who got to know you during the lockdown. If you had to define who Leonardo Bocci is, what do you say to your followers?

I define myself as an ‘actor’ because it’s simpler and more immediate to reach the public, but also ‘creative’, because I like to space. In recent years, in addition to doing many things on the web, I have had the opportunity to make films in the cinema with Enzo Salvi and Maurizio Mattioli, to work in the theater. I love to wander, my guru is Fiorello. I would like, one day, to be recognized as a character of Rome. We have an unquestionable school of Roman actors, Verdone, Gigi Proietti, Brignano. I’d like to go into this story.

Rome is always present in your videos, in your posts, you are also a serious Romanist. Can we say that the capital is your faithful travel companion?

Absolutely. I always take inspiration from Rome, he has several things to tell. There is currently no one on the web who tells the details. This is what I want to continue doing, laughing or with deep dedications. Sometimes I can tell it better, sometimes worse. It is not always easy and then the Roman is particular, you must know how to treat it well.

Honestly, how much did you miss Rome?

A lot. Those said in the videos, written in the posts are not words made. I missed her and I still miss her today, because I can’t live it as I lived it before the lockdown. I miss that lightheartedness, I miss going out without restrictions, without anxiety. The poems I wrote arose from this lack, from this nostalgia.

On April 30 you turned 30. Quarantined. How did you celebrate them?

I did a live Instagram, to include everyone. I made one at midnight and another one the following evening. It was a special birthday but I would do it again because it was nice. I had no problems where to do it, how much to spend, who to invite. I will repeat it also not in quarantine.

What do you wish for the future? Where do you see yourself or would you like to see from here to the next few years?

I really like the web and I don’t want to abandon it. It gives me the freedom to do anything I want, a video, a post, a song, it makes me stay in contact with the public, albeit remotely. But in my projects there is that of space. I would like to be a multifaceted artist and become one of the characters of Rome. Whether to do it through TV, radio, cinema, theater? I don’t care today.

Can you make a dedication to your Rome so quickly?

Sometimes we don’t think about the city where we live and if someone from quarche artra parte der monno comes to you and says’ Eh, but we are better at doing this, “you say one word:” Rome “.

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