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Welcome back to the championship and asking yourself how you are is just courtesy and not inspection fussiness. You can see how you are: at your first steps (and maybe even at the second …) you are the Championship of the “o famo strange”, to put it like Verdone and Gerini promised each other in Honeymooners.
Championship that makes them strange both the game and the game because, to keep saying it in soft Romanesco, “gna fa”. The “gna fa” does not make it, physically it does not make it, concentrated in the least possible number of vowels and consonants so as not to tire further to say it. As Corrado Guzzanti summed up.
Soccer is that game in which even at high professional levels the head tells you that your foot will reach the ball in time and with the strength you want, but it tells you before the muscle or tendon is just as fast. You believe yourself, you’re sure and instead you get a micro second later or earlier. It takes time to get there in time. It takes time for a player’s mind and body to synchronously. That’s why the welcome back to a Championship that for now “gna fa”. They last for an hour on the pitch, the rest of the time on the pitch they survive and the error rate due to misunderstanding between head and muscle is high.However, welcome back and we are here … Atalanta well found, found as good as the first one. Well found Inter, found for a better time than before, will those of Conte be able to play a whole game like the first 45 minutes of yesterday? Inter however the best glimpsed so far in the championship returned.
Two days ago the site of La Stampa newspaper in Turin launched a survey: Will you be holding or leaving? Sarri just won with 76 percent against 24. Tonight, if Juventus were not to win in Bologna, Sarri via would reach plebiscite percentages. But even with a winning Juve, that 74 percent would not drop much.
After Juventus in the Lazio standings. Lazio that has only one weak point: everyone gives it as a favorite.

Atalanta …. decides fate of Lazio. It is not written anywhere, however strong is the feeling that the fate of Atalanta and Lazio are inversely lucky, starting from Wednesday.
Rome and Naples are certainly on the swing, two seats of the same swing. Napoli can move up the rankings to where it can honestly imagine if Rome goes limp. But Rome does not look at Naples and not even Atalanta, the nightmare Rome is the league title for Lazio.
Welcome back Championship, we are here … at your feet as they said to Savonarola Benigni and Troisi in We just have to cry. You came back to give us a pivot around which to rotate the day: the game, or rather the games on TV.
But, Championship, don’t try to take your whole arm after you’ve been given your hand. Stadiums open to the public in July? Also no. Why not? Why Piazza Plebiscito in Naples. People do not hold each other and the idea that they keep themselves composed and stick to spaced paths and sessions in the stadiums is completely improbable. In stadiums it is better to go there in September. Above all it is not that from the missed revenue from the stadium the companies lose too much.
Welcome back Championship and nice introduction or cover or welcome or let’s call it what we want, in short Sky before the game. Just the tone even of Del Piero’s voice, beautiful everything.
Too bad, as Sordi of the Marquis del Grillo said, that too beautiful to be really true, everything beautiful, but the Marquis Aronne Piperno does not pay him.
Compassion, all brothers and sisters, of any skin color and anywhere on Earth, all united in the same human family, the victims of Covid 19 and the immigrant who died in the concentration camp where he went to sleep after slave labor in the fields and the victims of religious and political intolerance …Beautiful, well done, very well said, recited with professionalism. But, in fact, recited. Nurses and doctors heroes, our heroes as from film and story? Both heroes and committees of mica families so scattered and coordinated by so rare mica lawyers are organizing complaints because they have not guaranteed care and healing for their deceased. Both heroes and government and parliament have not yet managed to launch a due and sacrosanct criminal shield for doctors and nurses. So many heroes that more than one political party (one most of all) fears that the committees of the complaints if not satisfied will make votes, electoral votes lost.
Welcome back Championship and nice welcome back from Sky. After all in the sign and consistent with the naive and a little silly tale he narrated: we will come out better. No, better not, we’re the ones we were before. Worse, worse than before? No, this is not. Worse than before was difficult, worse than before probably “gna famo”.

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