Inter sends a signal to the top floors of the league table. And for Stellini the 2-1 of Parma is deserved


L’Inter does not convince, but wins. And this was the only thing that mattered in tonight’s match against Parma, valid for the 28th round of Serie A and ended 2-1 with goals by De Vrij and Bastoni between 84 ‘and 88’. The Nerazzurri, lacking in ideas from the middle of the field upwards and not very solid in defense, had to rely on two defenders (read the report cards here) to overturn a bad night and send a clear signal to the top floors of the ranking.

“Widely deserved victory. We have given an important answer”, was the reading at the end of the race of the vice-count Cristian Stellini. A questionable analysis, which does not, however, take away from Inter the three precious points taken away by Tardini.


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