Inter-Samp report cards, here are the best and worst


Here are the report cards of the Inter-Sampdoria match last night at San Siro. Eriksen brightened the game, De Vrij made a fence, Candreva well. Among the Dorians the best was the author of the goal Thorsby.

Inter-Sampdoria, the best

Lautaro Martinez 7

A ghost in Naples, this time he enters the game with a heel strike with which he opens the Dorian defense on the occasion of the 1-0. And that’s not enough. Score the 2-0 goal and move with the right timing for 50-60 minutes, then drop.

Eriksen 7

Start as a great player. He scores after 2 ‘but Candreva, who is assisting, is offside. He finishes twice in the first 7 minutes and puts Lukaku ahead of Audero on the 1-0 occasion, closing the triangle with the Belgian. Pure midfielder, remarkable class and now also a physical and continuous presence within the game. The team (and his coach …) finally recognizes his technical level.

Candreva 7

He had been the best of Inter in Naples and also in this game he moves a lot and always with quality. The second goal is his idea: he started the action by launching Lukaku and it is still he, 60 meters later, who finishes it in favor of Lautaro.

R. Lukaku 6.5

Easy goal, of course, but inside a game in his own way, that is to say with strength, generosity, altruism, banks. A good game that could become beautiful without the two wrong goals and without the drop in the second half. After the net he kneels, in homage to George Floyd. He should be more responsive on the corner leading Sampdoria.

Skriniar 6.5

With a perfect throw, it starts the action of one to zero. There are no problems behind it, given the inconsistency of Samp. So he too goes up to intensify the attack

Thorsby 6.5

He waits for Young and attacks with little frequency, in practice he makes the full back. On the athletic level, the duel leans completely in favor of the player. He improves when he returns to being a midfielder on 0-2 and is quick to touch the ball on the net to put Samp back in the game.

Inter-Sampdoria, the worst

De Vrij 5.5

He is pardoned with a stupid yellow for a foul on La Gumina, but the biggest mistake is on the goal of Sampdoria: he blows himself in the head by Colley who hits the crossbar, then comes the touch of Thorsby.

Pennants 5.5

Brozovic’s injury relaunches him as owner. The last time was on 11 January against Atalanta. He is free to set up the game, but makes a serious mistake in the end of the first half when he loses the ball on the edge of the area: fortunately, Ramirez graces him. He will also stop on Thorsby’s goal. Bad yellow for simulation.

Bereszynski 5.5

The first exit (on a slip: an error) is empty and favors the Inter network. He remains glued to the line of his penalty area until Samp plays with 3 central defenders. When he goes back to being defensive, he breathes a little.

Linetty 5

Inconsistent, irresolute, he seems never to find the right position. It is reasonable to expect more from a player like him in such games.

Jankto 5

He should play a completely different game, he’s too stuck, so useless.

Ramirez 5

For 45 ‘it is not seen. Samp never reaches him with the game, but he doesn’t help the team either. Stay away from the game even when he goes to the right. In the end of the first half due to a mistake by Gagliardini, the ball that could reopen the game before him hit the left: he throws it into the deserted corner.

Inter-Sampdoria, the exterior of San Siro is deserted

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