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The collection for Mauro Icardi was an important cure-all for the budget and a problem avoided in view of the summer. Inter restarts on the market with the idea of ​​trying to book two operations before August made in Italy, or from Serie A and for prospects that have demonstrated a level impact with our championship without fear or sudden drops. It is no coincidence that the management has been working for weeks on different objectives but with a common idea: planning and sharing with Antonio Conte for each individual market transition, with the intention of immediately blocking these two deals.Listen to “Inter pushes for two shots to be blocked immediately: full speed ahead on Tonali and not only” on Spreaker.

FROM TONALI TO KUMBULLA – Marotta and Ausilio are working intensely on the Sandro Tonali front, we are far beyond the idea or the simple goal: Inter no longer hides, the Brescia midfielder is the main name for the midfield and contacts go on to understand the right fit to be made with President Cellino with which a general agreement has not yet been reached. But Ausilio’s public caresses in Tonali in his last interview and a constant dialogue with the midfielder now see Inter in the open with the intention of accelerating definitively. same time the Nerazzurri leadership plans to close Marash Kumbulla with Verona as soon as possible, another 2000 like Tonali which has shown all its value this year. Now the advantage gained over the competition in these months must be capitalized on reaching the handshakes: Napoli has been definitely outdated, Juve has been informed because it has always liked Kumbulla but Inter remains ahead of everyone even in contact with the player. Now it has to close and it is not a detail compared to the 25 million base requested by Hellas. We have to hurry, the Nerazzurri managers know this and are working on it. To program two shots young and who already know Serie A.

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