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If God wants, we start again. But the Most High must want it because with these men of little will, everything can be expected. The feeling, the result of the League meeting on Friday, is that the majority has understood that even if it starts again, the Serie A will not end because the guest of stone, or the infected person of any team, sooner or later will gain access and everything will stop definitively. Why don’t you realize the prophecy of a championship without a championship and without relegations (next year the championship would be 24 or 25 teams?) we must hope for Gabriele Gravina and the Federal Council on Monday. All this being said, let’s pretend not only that we start again (after all, only a week is missing), but that we also get to the end. Who wins the title? Who recedes? Who goes to the Champions League and who goes to the Europa League? CHAMPIONSHIP – Juve have one more point than Lazio and nine more than Inter, who, however, must recover the match against Sampdoria (Sunday 21 June). It is very probable that the Nerazzurri win and then, on the momentum, they go to try to resume both Lazio (engaged in the arduous trip to Bergamo on Wednesday 24 June) and Juve. There hadn’t been this long pause I would have given Inter Instead, if not favored, it makes me think that he will be able to start over better. It is true that he always plays, but it is also true that Conte is very strong at the beginning. I still have the doubt of a preparation too heavy compared to the needs (Inter must be light) and a squad that is not always competitive. However I put Inter in front of everyone for the habit of sprint starts, Lazio just behind because they are highly motivated for the Scudetto and Juve in third place. The reasons are at least two: he has the fourth attack of the Serie A and will not start again with Higuain (injured), he thinks of the Champions with greater propensity than the championship. Europe will take its first steps in August, that is to say the Serie A is over, but with many games to play in Italy, Sarri will make a lot of turnover, that is, what he does worse. In the end either Inter triumphs or Lazio make it. Juve third.

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE – Three qualified teams are undoubtedly none, the fourth will be Atalanta which, for me, is the one with the best game quality / result utility ratio. Had she not lost a few points too much I would have inserted her in the fight for the title, but she lacks continuity and is more unpredictable in the dry game (in the Champions League she will still surprise). Roma, in pure theory, is able to reassemble (minus three from Atalanta) even if it has neither a compact fan base (in Bergamo yes), nor a strong club (Pallotta is still here and no longer knows who should try to sell). External factors will decide and once again the province can beat the metropolis.

EUROPA LEAGUE – When Serie A stopped, Napoli was a team that flew. Rino Gattuso will end the season well since he is still in the running for the Italian Cup (he won away in San Siro in the first semifinal), he can scare Barcelona in the Champions League and he will certainly arrive in the Europa League for next year. Of course, De Laurentiis will lack the maximum international competition, but in the season in which a placid man like Carlo Ancelotti was exonerated, provoking this and other traumas in the environment, in Naples they cannot ask for miracles. A half miracle would be to win the Italian Cup because a trophy is the best therapy against mediocrity. SALVATION – I do not know if it is true, but they say that Urbano Cairo was, among the presidents of the League, the promoter of the combined “no league, no retrocessions”, in the event of a new and definitive stop. If this were the case, I would understand very well the president of Turin, who is aware of the fact that his team is the one that risks most in the race to avoid third-last place. For me Brescia and Spal are already demoted and, in their case, the ranking is not a liar, but faithful and fair. Lecce always plays at par and deserves to stay in A, the two Genoese know how to bite the hard bread of survival. A little less, in recent years, the Samp, although the presence of Ranieri on the bench it is almost a guarantee to reach the minimum goal. If Turin does well, I see Udinese in danger, while Fiorentina, both for the classification and for Iachini, I consider it safe.
Good luck to all. Provided that there is still, in everyone, the desire to play.

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