Inter, in Marotta’s ideas, an entire Nerazzurri department for Mancini


Yes, we are attentive to the Italian soul. We think it can help to have more Italians. Tonali has all the qualities to play for Inter, he has all the parameters to be from Inter, perhaps only the economic parameters with Brescia and Cellino are missing. “ Words and music by Piero Ausilio, during the interview with Sky Sport.

The more Italian Inter speech, however, could go well beyond the arrival of Tonali, certainly the closest blue to land in Appiano Gentile. There are several local talents that Inter are studying. Indeed, there could be an entire department of the Mancini national team dressed in nerazzurri, if the various chases were all to go.

In addition to Tonali, the interest, always on, for Federico Chiesa. Conditio sine qua non to aim outside Fiorentina, however, the inclusion of technical counterparts that allow the lowering of the cash quota.

On the left wing, however, the preferred name is another blue by Mancini, that of Emerson Palmieri who would like to return to Serie A but which is held back by Chelsea’s extremely high rating: almost 40 million.

Church-stretcher-Tone-Sensi-Emerson. At the end of the summer, Inter could even have an entire department of players more or less owners in Mancini’s Italy. For a blue and nerazzurro midfield. Net, of course, of the presence in pink of Brozovic and Eriksen, designated owners of the new Inter of Antonio Conte.

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