Inter, finally Eriksen. And now the Europa League becomes the goal


The night of the San Paolo gave Conte confirmation on the inclusion of the Dane, the protagonist as a pure attacking midfielder. An extra weapon to try to raise the last trophy of the season

The king’s palm of the evening took it away from him at the Ospina finale, but the night of the San Paolo will always be remembered with a red circle on Christian Eriksen’s calendar, such as “the time he took Inter”. A corner goal, a nice free-kick from distance, a razor from the heart of the area that made the whole Nerazzurri bench stand up. And then you play quality on the trocar, ability to be found free between the lines and also to annoy the setting of Demme. Here, at home Inter is still alive the bitterness for having seen the second seasonal goal fly away, but there is definitely something to save from Naples.

Night as a leader

Perhaps more than something, because after all Conte’s team would have deserved the passage of the round for the opportunities created – and wasted – and for how he kept the game in hand for most of the match. But now you have to quickly turn the page and work on the good things seen at San Paolo. Eriksen finally replied present, taking in hand a team left without LuLa: the proof of Lukaku and Lautaro was insufficient and that of the Bull also evanescent. So Chris tried to shake it up, but found a superhero-format Ospina on his way.

The Europa League remains

But we have seen how Conte managed to find the ideal position for the Danish (pure midfielder behind two strikers in the new 3-4-1-2) during the long break and how much Chris is now able to be a point of reference for his teammates and lethal weapon in the last 30 meters. He arrived at Inter for this: to ferry the group into a new dimension. More European, also for the ambitions of the new project. Inter are eager to win and the Europa League remains the only route for this season. And there Chris has already shown that he feels comfortable. Now that Inter is more his, he can help her follow the path to glory.

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