Inter, Brescia’s new jewel is a regret


The Brescia defender is among the top 20 of the most promising Under 18s in Europe and represents a regret for the Nerazzurri

Brescia’s new jewel is called Andrea Papetti. After Tonali is Cistana, the class 2002 – which made its debut in A league in the challenge against Sassuolo – he is the new star of the ‘Rondinelle’ and one of the most interesting youngsters on the Italian scene: it is no coincidence that he has already been targeted by numerous clubs, ready to contend with him. stresses how Papetti represents a regret for Inter. The footballer, posted by L’Equipe in the top 20 of the most promising Under 18s in Europe, he grew up in the Nerazzurri youth sector in the 2002 squad, full of talents including Sebastiano Esposito. In 2016, the farewell arrived following the club’s decision not to focus on the defender, who can now only observe his great growth from afar.



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