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Inter was the best team we have seen in the second leg of the Coppa Italia return leg. It was almost obvious that it was more convincing than Milan, whose technical level is decidedly lower and which lacked two fundamental elements (Ibra and Hernandez, besides Castillejo). It was not at all expected, however, that it would show itself superior to Napoli and Juve. What we have seen has given us a fairly clear indication in this regard.Inter in Naples led the game for long stretches and would have deserved the victory. In the first half he dominated, or almost, and if in the end he did not pass, it was because Ospina, after having made the sensational mistake of 0-1, became the protagonist, as well as for some mistakes in front of goal. It has also been underestimated the change of form made by Conte, who deployed the team with the 3-4-1-2 instead of the 3-5-2 who made his fortunes. A not so trivial variation, especially for an organization maniac like him. Being able to try it in these weeks, he introduced it for enhance Eriksen. And in our opinion the results have been seen, so much so that the Dane went very close to the winning goal after a fantastic choral action.

If Inter continues to be this, we would not be surprised if he managed to get back in the fight for the championship. Although obviously he will have to hope for some slip of Juve, which has 6 points and the direct clashes of advantage.

There is a question, if anything, why Conte was criticized even after this fine draw against Napoli, while Gattuso – whose team has been in difficulty for a long time – was celebrated. And the only answer we can give is that you never get to look beyond the result: Rino has qualified and is praised, Inter has gone out and his coach ends up in the middle of a small storm. But so it is too easy.@steagresti

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