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The header of the document published by ABC accompanying the investigation on alleged financing that the M5S would have received since Venezuela it makes you think of one american hand. He writes it The newspaper sketching the scenarios of the thorny affair that has hit the grillini in the last hours. Looking forward to understanding how much truth there is in this story of money in the briefcase that Gianroberto Caseleggio he would have received in 2010, the document published by the Spanish newspaper and attributed to the Venezuelan military intelligence directorate is certainly devastating.

In 2010, intelligence was in the hands of the general Hugo Barrios, known with the nickname “El Pollo”: according to the reconstruction of The newspaperten years ago it was at the top of the rankings of the men most wanted by agents of the Goddess because of the alleged drug trafficking operations managed by the Chavista regime. In 2019, however, the general suddenly changes sides, ditching Maduro to take sides with Guaidò. This ensures an escape route to Spain, where however an extradition request from the United States. Avoided thanks to a strange disappearance of “El Pollo” which, according to some sources, would have made a confidential agreement with an American intelligence ready to guarantee his freedom in exchange for the secrets on the regime of Chavez and Maduro that the general would have kept in the PC and in the cards. Second The newspaper, one of those secrets would concern the birth of the M5S which, in addition to being one of the few government parties in Europe to have supported Maduro, is also responsible for Italy’s pro-Chinese “heeling”.

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