Instagram stories on Android will become a bit more like those of the iPhone


Emanuele Cisotti

It is a thing known to all the assiduous users of the Instagram stories, as the realization of the same on the iPhone guarantees a decidedly superior quality to that offered by any Android smartphone, even those that offer (like some older generation of Samsung Galaxy) a native integration in the camera. But in addition to quality, there is another factor that makes Instagram stories better: the relationship of form.

In fact, on iOS the stories have always the same format (16: 9) both in production and viewing, allowing you to see any story made with any aspect ratio (obviously if created by Android) without problems. The stories produced by Android instead follow the format of the display, ranging from super stretched formats (for example 21: 9) to almost square formats (such as 4: 3). These stories seen on devices with screens of different formats lead to cropped and completely incomprehensible images at times. The absurdity is amplified if you think that a story in the “wrong” format made on Android can be reviewed without any problem by an iPhone, precisely because its software will add black bands where necessary, without applying any clipping.

It seems though this discrimination is intended to end with the arrival of an update that will also allow Android stories to be at least created in 16: 9 format and therefore have a standard size. The same novelty also appeared in the display and seems linked to the individual account and not to the device or app. This is a novelty that appeared to one of our users (thanks Stefano) from the Facebook group and seems to be totally server side, since it does not concern a beta version of the application.

We now wait for this news to spread soon to all other Android smartphones.

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