Insigne: “Gattuso gave us determination! Have you seen Lozano and Ghoulam? De Laurentiis is right”


Lorenzo Insigne, Napoli striker and captain, spoke to DAZN after the victory against Verona.

Napoli took the Verona field 2-0. Lorenzo Insigne spoke to DAZN at the end of the game: “We knew it was a physically tough game, he’s suffering in the 90 ‘and it’s part of the game. We were good at defending ourselves and wanting victory at all costs. Impossible to win them all to the end? The dinners unite the group, Gattuso he gave the right grit. De Laurentiis is right, there are eleven finals and we have to try. We know it is difficult for the Champions League, but we will sweat it. “

At the beginning we did some damage but we are fixing them, even today we have sought victory and we must continue on this path. How important is Gattuso? A great many, his footprint can be seen and with him we can continue to grow. Today they also showed Ghoulam and Lozano to be found ready, we must be together and only in this way can we get to the bottom. After ninety minutes you can catch his breath, the coach is right: as long as the referee does not blow his whistle, he must not stop “, Insigne reported.

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