Infectious boom in Peru, Brazil returns to show data


Coronavirus, Latin America is the new global outbreak. If in Brazil tormented by the emergency, President Jair Bolsonaro for a few days decided to obscure the data on infections and deaths, in neighboring countries things are not better. In particular, the case of Peru, which has recorded a record of over 4000 infections in 24 hours, is of concern.

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In Peru the confirmed infections of coronavirus they exceeded the 200,000 – 203,736 – threshold with an addition of 4,040 in the last 24 hours, according to data released by the Ministry of Health of Lima. There have been 167 deaths from Covid-19 in the past 24 hours, bringing the total confirmed deaths to 5,738.

The contagions increase significantly also in Chile: the total ascertained cases are 142,759. The deaths currently remain limited (2,283 total victims), but there are also 1689 patients in serious conditions or hospitalized in intensive care.

Moving further north, things are even worse in Mexico: the total cases are 124,301 (+4,199 in the last 24 hours), the victims 14,649 (+596 in the last 24 hours). Also in Argentine the situation is alarming: for the first time a thousand infections were overcome in a single day (1141, to be precise) and the virus continues to spread (almost 25 thousand the total number of cases ascertained), even if the deaths are still clearly contained (717 total victims since the beginning of the emergency).

The Brazil however, it remains the main outbreak of Latin America and, after a few days, the Bolsonaro government was forced by a decision of the Supreme Court to disseminate the pandemic data again: the new infections are even 32,091 (over 742 thousand total cases since the beginning of the emergency) and the new deaths 1272, for a total of the victims which now amounts to 38.497. A remarkable but not enough indicative surge on the pandemic trend in the last few days, since it is the result of a recalculation following the intervention of the Supreme Court, which called the government to a policy of greater transparency.

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