India, pregnant elephant who died after eating a pineapple stuffed with firecrackers: indignation on social media


The elephant had bounded into a village near the Silent Valley national park, in Kerala, when he ate the fruit. “We are investigating to find those responsible and determine the circumstances that led to his death,” said the state’s wildlife manager, Surendra Kumar.

A similar incident had already happened last month, when another elephant had been found with serious mouth injuries in a nearby district and then died. This time, however, some photos shared on the dying pachyderm social networks were enough to inflame the population.

Pictures – The images show the elephant a few hours before her death as she plunges her mouth and fangs into the waters of a river, perhaps to ease the pain. Some forest rangers tried to take her out of the water to help her, but the attempts were in vain and she died. A Facebook post from a forestry official was added to the images, Mohan Krishnan. The elephant, Krishnan wrote among other things, “did not harm a single human being, even when he was running in excruciating pain on the streets of the village”.

Popular outrage was such that it even provoked the government’s reaction: “The central government took the killing of an elephant in Mallapuram, Kerala very seriously,” the Environment Minister wrote on Twitter, Prakash Javadekar. “We will not leave any stone unturned to properly investigate and catch the culprits – he added -. Feeding firecrackers and killing is not part of Indian culture.”

Social messages and designs – With the hashtag #ElephantDeath, users are paying tribute to the elephant. In the last few hours, social networks have been invaded by drawings depicting the animal and the puppy he carried in his lap.

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