Income 2018, after the introduction of the new fiscal reliability indices, the revenues declared by companies and freelancers increase


In the year of introduction of the Isa, the new ones fiscal reliability indices which replaced the field studies, revenues and incomes declared by Italian taxpayers have increased as expected by the government. According to statements in fact, in 2019 the total revenues declared by the 3.2 million taxpayers subject to the new indices amounted to 795.5 billion, in 9.1% increase compared to the total declared by the sector studies in 2017, while the average revenues or fees declared are equal to 249,430 euros, up 8.9%. The largest increase, equal to 11%, related to the services, followed by manufacturing (+ 8.8%) and the professionals (+ 8.6%).

According to Treasury statistics, the number of taxpayers with an Isa equal to at least 8 (value from which a reward scheme increasing) increased by 14.6% compared to “congruous, consistent and normal “of the sector studies of 2017: if in 2017 only 34% of the subjects were congruous, consistent and normal, in 2018 the subjects with an Isa at least equal to 8 are 39%. From that score onwards there are benefits such asvisa waiver of compliance for the compensation of VAT credits up to 50 thousand euros per year and 20 thousand for direct taxes and IRAP. On the contrary, for scores ranging from 1 to 6, the taxpayer has a high probability of being selected for checks by the Revenue Agency and by the Guardia di Finanza. Considering only the subjects with access to the reward scheme in 2018, the average declared revenues or fees rise to 276,402 euros (+ 10.8% compared to the total of subjects), while the added value is 120,944 euros and the average declared income is equal to 57,634 euros, much higher than the average value declared by the total number of subjects (+ 61.3%).

The total declared income was equal to approximately 114 billion euros, also in this case in net increase (+ 24%) compared to that calculated with the sector studies of 2017, with the average total declared income equal to 35735 euro: 33,200 euro for natural persons, 45,000 euro for partnerships and equal to 35,200 euro for corporations and entities. The Ministry of Economy, however, points out “how the total income declared in 2017 was particularly low by virtue of the modification of the criterion for determining the business income in accounting simplified from” competence “to” cash “.”

Finally, looking in more detail at the Irpef statistics of VAT holders, more than 1.1 million taxpayers joined the subsidized schemes in 2018, a number destined to increase. In fact, considering the latest data on the 2019 openings, following the increase in the ceiling of revenues to 65,000 euros, the number should approach 1.4 million in the tax year 2019 tax returns.

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