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Alessia Morani, Undersecretary of Mise, reiterates her favor with the support measure for the purchase of new cars. Also open on LPG and CNG

The proposal to extend car incentives is in dozens of amendments to the Relaunch decree presented to the Chamber in the process of conversion into law. By Tuesday of the approximately 8 thousand requests for advanced changes about 1,200 will survive on which then the work of the Budget Committee will focus before the arrival of the law in the Chamber. In the meantime, the Undersecretary to the Ministry of Economic Development Alessia Morani (Pd) has reiterated her idea on the support to the automobile supply chain that goes beyond what is allocated by the relaunch Decree, or the refinancing for 300 million euros of the Ecobonus for the purchase of plug-in electric and hybrid cars.


In an interview with The daily Northeast Morani explained that “the proposal that we made, finding an opening also with Minister Stefano Patuanelli (of the M5s, ed) provides for the maintenance of car scrapping incentives of up to € 6,000 for those who buy an electric or hybrid car (incentives that are often increased by the various regions), widening it with a threshold of 2,000 euros, which doubles with the contribution of dealers, for those who buy a car with a Euro 6 standard with petrol or diesel engines which provides significantly lower levels of polluting emissions than previous levels. Personally, I would also be favorable, with a view to accompanying the transition of electric mobility, to include among the concessions also vehicles powered by LPG or natural gas, a technology where Italy has a strong tradition and development. “


The starting point of Morani’s reasoning is that “in Italy the automotive sector as a whole means 5,529 companies, 274,000 employees (direct and indirect) equal to more than 7% of the employees in the Italian manufacturing sector, 105.9 billion euros of turnover, equal to 11% of the manufacturing turnover in Italy and 6.2% of the Italian GDP, and 76.3 billion euro of tax levy on the motorization as a whole. Now, after the two months of mandatory closure of manufacturing and car sales networks, the sector is faced with the squares full of vehicles to be disposed of to be able to restart production in its fullness. According to Federauto (the federation that brings together dealers, ed), there are almost 900 thousand vehicles to dispose of. Now, if some form of support to the sector is not foreseen, this will hardly be able to resume quickly and, moreover, it will hardly start the general renewal action of the Italian car fleet which still today includes around 13 million vehicles of lower standards than Euro 4, that is polluting and also without those safety devices now standard on all modern cars: from emergency braking to avoid the investment of a pedestrian or the rear-end collision of other vehicles, to the anti-lock braking and anti-skidding system, as well as to those for detecting road signs and keeping vehicles on track ”.

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