in the US over 118 thousand victims


In the United States coronavirus victims rise to over 118 thousand, with 2,189,128 cases of contagion (archive photo)
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In the United States coronavirus victims rise to over 118 thousand, with 2,189,128 cases of contagion. This is what emerges from the data of Johns Hopkins University. There have been 687 victims in the past 24 hours. A rebound in cases has occurred in at least 20 US states.

Florida and Texas are currently the new epicenters of the pandemic in the United States. In both States in the last 24 hours the record of new daily cases has been recorded since the coronavirus spread: 3,516 in Texas, where the infections are now close to 100 thousand, and 3,207 in Florida, with a total of almost 86 thousand contagions. Critical situation also in Arizona and Lousiana. Meanwhile, California has launched an obligation to wear masks in most public places.

Latin America

The light at the end of the tunnel is not yet visible even in Latin America, where in the last 24 hours the confirmed infections have risen to 1,871,972 and the dead to 88,823. This is what emerges today from a statistical processing of data concerning 34 Latin American countries and territories.

The emergency continues in Brazil, the second country in the world both for the infected, which are 978,142 (+22,765), and for the dead, who reached 47,748 (+1,238). This was announced by the National Council of Health Secretaries (Conass). A positive fact is that the infected and deceased Brazilians of each day show stability and not an increase in numerical terms.

Peru follows with 244,388 infections (+3,480) and 7,461 deaths (+204), and Chile with 225,103 cases of contagion (+4,475) and 3,841 dead (+226). In fourth place Mexico (165,455 and 19,747) with the second mortality after Brazil, followed by Ecuador (49,047 and 4,087), Colombia (60,217 and 1,960) and Argentina (37,510 and 948).

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