In the relaunch, check the digital citizenship bonus: what it is and how to get it


Among the numerous amendments to the Relaunch Decree (here the special QuiFinanza), being approved by the Chamber, there is one that asks to introduce an additional incentive: the so-called “Digital citizenship bonus”. The amendment was presented by the Five Star Movement, a political force that has made the “digital revolution” one of the programmatic points of its manifesto, first signed by Emanuele Scagliusi.

The objective of the initiative, reads the text of the amendment, would be to “contrast the effects of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19 and promote the spread of digital culture among citizens”.

Beneficiaries and amounts

But what does the “digital citizenship bonus” consist of? And who would be entitled to it? It is an electronic contribution worth 200 euros, intended for young people and other categories of citizens at risk of exclusion. In particular, if the proposal is approved, it will benefit from:

  • boys who will turn 18 in 2021;
  • citizens over 65.

Use and delivery

The bonus will be used only for the purchase of IT equipment or services, hardware, software or connectivity.

The contribution, according to the proposal, will be paid in digital format through a Certified E-mail address (PEC), or through another service of qualified digital delivery. In practice, the proposers intend to distribute the bonus to those entitled in electronic format, directly to the “digital address” of the citizen.

The amount paid will not be taxable and will not flow into the calculation of income for Isee purposes.


“The emergency of the last few months has confirmed, once more, the importance of promoting the spread of one digital culture among citizens and to fight the digital divide, also in order to effectively combat the Covid-19 epidemic, “the proposers said in a statement.

“This is why, like 5 Star MoVement, we have presented an amendment to the Relaunch decree, first signed by the group leader of the Transportation Commission in Montecitorio Emanuele Scagliusi, which provides for the introduction of an electronic bonus of 200 euros”, explained the parliamentarians. A further important step, they continue, “to guarantee our country to take a step forward in the path of technological transition and be more competitive and safe”.

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