in the camper of the German pedophile baby costumes and terrifying videos – Libero Quotidiano


Increasingly disturbing details weigh on Christian Brueckner, the main suspect for the disappearance of Maddie McCann, the English girl who disappeared in 2007 in Portugal. According to the British newspaper Daily Mail near the camper belonged to Brueckner would have been found swimwear as a child and some memory cards containing over 8000 photos and child pornography videos. The newspaper ensures that it has the documents of the investigators who confirm what has been claimed. All finds examined by the scientific and found in an envelope buried under the camper, along with the carcass of Brueckner’s dog.

But not only, because despite the suspect denies the links with the little girl, many acquaintances of the man have confirmed that the camper discovered by the German police in 2016 would be precisely the one driven by him for so long. Brueckner, in addition to Maddie’s disappearance, is also in the sights of the authorities for another case, that of Inga Gehricke. She too, a five-year-old girl, disappeared.

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