In September, more teachers and ATA for additional classes is written in the new Guidelines modified by the Regions


On the guidelines for the return to school in September, whose approval continues to be postponed, the Ministry of Education would meet the requests of the Regions on at least two points: the increase in staff, therefore more teachers and Ata, to be used in the additional spaces that will be created; the allocation of funds for the maintenance and structural adjustment of schools.

“Further staff increases” needed

Following the pressure of the governors, for the reopening of the schools in September, the central administration launched “a specific monitoring” in order to “evaluate each possible intervention, on specific situations, providing, where strictly necessary, also for the purposes of compliance with the health measures contained in the CTS documents “and a series of” indispensable tools to guarantee the reopening of schools, further increases in staff, additional, of school staff for state educational institutions “.

The request was also implemented in the “new version” of the ‘2020-2021 School Plan’ scheme, sent on 25 June by the Ministry of Education for the Unified State-Regions Conference to be held on Friday 26 June.

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The plan to be implemented school by school

The document also confirms – as “elements of reflection” and “ideas for monitoring and programming” – that “in each school it is necessary to provide functional organization of external and internal spaces, to avoid groupings or gatherings and to guarantee inputs, outputs, outflows and adequate distances at each stage of the school day, for pupils, families, school and non-school staff“, Keeping in constant reference” the need that the arrival of pupils at school may be deferred and staggered in order to avoid gatherings in the external areas and in the outflows inward, in compliance with the ordinary reception and surveillance duties assigned to auxiliary staff “.

As for the restart of the school in September, in the new ‘2020-2021 school plan’, always with a view to “improving and enhancing any existing spaces” in school buildings or creating additional ones, for local authorities there will be a ” publication of a specific notice, from Pon funds, for an amount equal to 330 million euros, without prejudice to the use of additional resources, made necessary, which could be found with subsequent measures “. It is one of the novelties of the “new version” of the scheme sent today by the Ministry of Education for the unified State-Regions Conference to be held tomorrow.

“The individual school institutions will be able to reorganize, improve and enhance any spaces already present at school through routine maintenance or ‘light construction’ aimed at extraordinary maintenance, in agreement with the local authorities, creating additional spaces in outdoor areas inside the scholastic relevance, where present and limited to the periods in which the climatic conditions allow it “.

Bonaccini: improved text

According to the President of the Conference of the Regions, Stefano Bonaccini, “we are one step away from sharing the guidelines for the reopening of schools, a text that already today thanks to the proactive contribution of the Regions and the institutional collaboration with the ministry is clearly improved compared to the first drafts. However, we asked – in the State-Regions Conference – for a 24-hour postponement that would allow an in-depth analysis of the last text “of the” 2020-2021 school plan “”.

We need more money and an eye on transport

“Already today, however – explained Bonaccini – we have asked three preliminary questions. First of all, the need for additional resources, compared to those referred to in the document. In this regard, in fact, beyond the funds for school construction, however insufficient, additional resources are needed to reopen the schools. Then the ‘personal’ node. Additional resources of teaching staff and ATA must be provided. An appropriation is needed to guarantee the recovery of the cuts made on teachers’ common places on the staff number 20-21, as well as a temporary increase in the quotas “.

“Finally – concluded Bonaccini – we have launched an alarm on the transport issue that must be addressed urgently, even at a separate table, looking at both the economic and the organizational side”.

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