In Reggio Calabria there is no garbage. And nobody dares to “ruin the beautiful image of the city”


6 June 2020 19:43

Reggio Calabria, the rubbish and the comments of the fans to the video of Jérémy Ménez

Jérémy Ménez, famous former striker Milan, Rome is PSG, this morning posted a story like many others on Instagram. Since, however, the news of an ongoing negotiation with Reggina that would like to join him has leaked Denis is Reginaldo in view of the next Serie B championship, each of his social gestures is interpreted by the amaranth fans as a possible indication of his actual arrival in Reggio.

It also happened this morning: commenting on his video, the fans literally went wild with hilarious, ironic and funny comments:

  • Amaranth glasses, another possible clue
  • You stop your nose because they don’t go through the mundizza, it’s in Riggiu si-cu-ru“;
  • Varda who sorts the watches on who you have“; “Typical rigitaneddu who takes pictures of me I see u rolex … is already setting“;
  • Yes, but you haven’t noticed the tattoo with the Bar Poker emblem, I don’t know if I can explain myself“;
  • U vittiru or catastu“;
  • But you stop u nasu pa stink from garbage, another clue“.

A cross-section so nice that we have published an article on StrettoWeb with social reactions to the footballer’s latest story.

We had never done it: we invite you to read the social reactions to the social reactions published by StrettoWeb, in the facebook comments which in many cases have exceeded not only the limit of common sense, education and human respect, but have also violated article 959 of the penal code and for this reason will be subject to scrutiny by the judicial authority.

In a nutshell and net of insults, StrettoWeb, who published a nice and light article, would be responsible for “spoil the beautiful image of Reggio Calabria”Having approached Ménez to the garbage, and it would also be “instrumentalizing Reggina and its players for the election campaign“. These comments, unlike those of the fans on the French striker, are not ironic otherwise we would have just smiled and maybe published another funny article. This time it’s about functional illiterates fully convinced of what they claim.

And then it is necessary to specify that:

  1. Jérémy Ménez is not a Reggina footballer. At least not yet.
  2. Assuming that Ménez was a Reggina footballer, in our article we have reported the reactions of the fans in quotes with a screen-shot of the comments, without any kind of journalistic consideration, political reference and therefore without any exploitation.
  3. Reggio Calabria does not (unfortunately) have an extraordinary national and international reputation.
  4. Provided that Reggio Calabria enjoyed a good reputation, hiding any problems would not be functional anyway.
  5. Reggio Calabria is submerged by a dramatic waste emergency, which has lasted for years and has reduced the city to an emergency in terms of hygiene and health. It is a fact that we tell / denounce every day on StrettoWeb without the irony of the Reggina fans on Ménez.
  6. StrettoWeb has no intention of running for any election: we are proud to be free journalists.

All this, of course, is evident from our article and already in itself from his title which quotes the comment of a fan in quotation marks, making it clear that the Amaranth fans are supporting the quotation in an ironic way:

Reggina, Ménez on social networks unleashes amaranth fans: “You stop your nose for the garbage, it’s already in Reggio” [FOTOGALLERY]

There is, therefore, no one fake news (now the illiterate are obsessed with it, they see it everywhere but then they drink any one!). There is no one error. There is the irony of the fans, reported in a light and fun way. Nobody ever wrote that Ménez really got his nose blocked, nobody ever wrote that Ménez was really in Reggio. There are two fans who said it in a blatantly ironic way, testifying among other things how much garbage has now entered the customs and memory of the Reggio community, as well as another supporter wrote that he has the tattoo of the Poker bar and others they focused on the color of the glasses or the value of the watch. And there is a newspaper that tells all this, net of illiterate who comment without reading and to which we turn with the necessary clarifications so that, having not read the original article, at least deepen the story in this.

Alternatively, we can convince ourselves that in Reggio Calabria there is no garbage. And nobody dare to “spoil the beautiful image of the city“, Famous worldwide for its attractions, for big events and for millions of tourists engaged from the center to the suburbs in an overwhelming SpazzaTour.

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