In Piazza XX Settembre the merchants’ thanks to doctors and nurses with a special dinner


Yesterday was a really exciting evening that saw the city gather around all the health workers who worked hard during the emergency that hit our country.

The merchants of Piazza XX September, in partnership with Modenamoremio, the doctors and nurses of the Policlinico di Modena and the Baggiovara Hospital wished to pay homage with a dinner. It was a spontaneous gesture, much appreciated by those who were present yesterday evening and were able to taste the excellence prepared by the restaurateurs. The participation of two well-known artists from Modena, Massimiliano Barbolini and Claudio Mattioli, was also exciting, who opened the evening on the notes of the Italian anthem.

Also present were the Mayor Gian Carlo Muzzarelli, the Councilor for the historic center Andrea Bosi, the Prefect Pierluigi Faloni, the Quaestor Maurizio Agricola, the Rector Carlo Porro in addition to the managers of the Modena Healthcare and the President of the Region Stefano Bonaccini.

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“We would like to thank all the volunteers of the Blue Cross who contributed to the excellent success of the evening and to all the creators of this solidarity project: Cafeteria From 5 to 6, Forno Raffaello, Hamburgheria XX.09, Il Giusto Gusto, Albinelli Covered Market, Rocket and Stracchino, Saporiamo, Sosta Emiliana, Alba, Oreficeria Zini, Paola Parrucchiera, Prima Fila We also thank our precious partners: Tradition and Flavors Trademark of the Modena Chamber of Commerce, Taster of Nocino Tipico di Modena Il Matraccio, Cleto Chiarli , Consortium for the protection of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium, Water Time, Bensone, Covili Farm, Free’n’Joy, Mercantile Association, Fas security “.

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