In Pakistan, one third of airline pilots have a fake flight patent


AGI – In Pakistan, over a third of civil pilots have a fake flight patent and are not authorized to fly passenger planes. Air Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan said it to the Pakistani National Assembly: 262 drivers in the country “did not take the exam firsthand” and paid someone else to take the exam on their behalf. “They have no flight experience.”

Pakistan has 860 active pilots serving its domestic airlinesIncluding the main Pakistan International Airlines (Pia), and also employed by a number of foreign carriers, Khan said.

IS Pia grounded all its pilots in possession of false licenses, with immediate effect. “Pia recognizes that fake licenses are not just a Pia issue, but are widespread across the Pakistani airline industry,” said spokesman Abdullah Khan.

The survey results were announced as part of a preliminary report on the plane crash that killed 97 people in Karachi on May 22. The Pia plane crashed after taking off from Lahore, killing all but two passengers and crew members.

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