In North Korea, teenagers will no longer be able to have sex. For the regime it is “subversive”


Pyongyang bans sex between teenagers, declaring it ‘subversive’. For the regime, writes the Asianews specialist website, it is the result of decadent capitalist influence. Parents and teachers risk being punished if they do not control children and students. The problem arises from the fact that, without sex education, young North Koreans know sex only through contraband pornography.

However, this is not enough for the authorities of Communist Korea, who have launched a campaign to prevent and punish promiscuous behavior among young people in the country.

To enforce the ban, seen as a tool to preserve the foundations of national society, the authorities threaten punishment for parents and teachers who fail to control their children and students.
As a further preventive measure, the Central Committee of the Workers ‘Party, which has dominated the country since the end of World War II, has ordered its youth organization to inspect schools and check students’ smartphones.

In conservative North Korean society, sexual relations between young people are considered impure and immoral. Sex education is prohibited in schools, and young people approach sex through Japanese, South Korean and US smuggled pornographic material along the border with China.
Young North Korean exiles reported on the excesses of Pyongyang’s sexual “politics”. For example, teenagers are often taught that it is enough to hold hands with a peer to get pregnant.

Several observers note that the absence of a minimum sex education in North Korea does not favor the maturation of the younger generations, also increasing the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

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