In Lombardy three quarters of the new cases. And Covid would have changed


Pino Ciociola

It does not tighten the gap between Lombardy and the rest of Italy, indeed it widens yet. I’m in the Region (237) three quarters of the new cases in Italy (321) today. They then register (from 10 upwards) 19 cases in Piedmont, 14 in Emilia Romagna, 17 in Liguria, 10 in Lazio (but 3 are from the past few days and counted only today) and none in the province of Bolzano and Valle d’Aosta, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Puglia, Marche, Umbria, Molise, Basilicata, Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia. Inpatients in intensive care fell to 400, the last time it was even three months ago (on March 5, when they were 351, they became the next day 462). And in Brescia, meanwhile, they have sequenced one “genetically very different” variant of Covid.

Mutation. He had announced it about ten days ago, but to make it official “we were waiting to compare ourselves with the most experienced colleagues in this field, now we have done it and finally we can report that we have obtained a highly reliable complete sequence“: that is, a variant of the coronavirus isolated in Brescia – explained Arnaldo Caruso, president of the Italian Society of Virology (and full professor of Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology at the University of Brescia) – not only “extremely less aggressive”, but also “genetically very different”, given that its RNA has “significant mutations” compared to that of Sars-CoV-2 sequenced in the worst months of the pandemic. “While the more aggressive ones take 2-3 days to exterminate all available target cells in vitro, this takes at least 6 days just to start attacking them“he explained.

Here is the daily update from the Department of Civil Protection.

New infections. I’m 321 (Wednesday 584, Thursday 593, Friday 516, Saturday 416, Sunday 355, Monday 178, but in reality 200 because 22 in Abruzzo and yesterday 318 had not been counted), 237 of these, almost three quarters, are recorded in Lombardy (Wednesday 186 + 198, Thursday 382, ​​Friday 354, Saturday 221, Sunday 210, Monday 50 and yesterday 187). The swabs made are 37,299 (Wednesday 67,324, Thursday 75,893, Friday 72,135, Saturday 69,342, Sunday 54,188, Monday 31,394 and yesterday 52,159), but with a positivity ratio that goes back to 0.9% (yesterday 0.6%).

Dead. I’m 71 (Wednesday 117, Thursday 70, Friday 87, Saturday 111, Sunday 75, Monday 60 and yesterday 55) e 29 of these are in Lombardy (Wednesday 58, Thursday 20, Friday 38, Saturday 67, Sunday 33, Monday 22 and yesterday 12). The national total rises to 33601 since the beginning of the pandemic.

Total of cases. I’m 233836 the people who have contracted Covid-19 (including healed and deceased) since the start of the pandemic, that is, those infected so far.

Positive news. I’m 39,297 (Wednesday 50.966, Thursday 47.986, Friday 46.175, Saturday 43.691, Sunday 42.075, Monday 41.367 and yesterday 39.893), 596 less than yesterday (Wednesday minus 1,976, Thursday minus 2,980, Friday minus 1,811, Saturday minus 2,484, Sunday minus 1,616, Monday minus 708 and yesterday minus 1,474).

Hospitalized in intensive care. I’m 353 (Wednesday 505, Thursday 489, Friday 475, Saturday 450, Sunday 435, Monday 425 and yesterday 408).

Admitted to ordinary hospital wards. I’m 5,742 people (Wednesday 7.729, Thursday 7.379, Friday 7.094, Saturday 6.680, Sunday 6.387, Monday 6.099 and yesterday 5.916), 174 less than yesterday.

In isolation without symptoms or with mild symptoms. I’m 33202 people (Wednesday 42.732, Thursday 40.188, Friday 38.606, Saturday 36.651, Sunday 35.253, Monday 34.844 and yesterday 33.569), that is always 84% of the current positives.

Heal and resign. They are altogether 846 (Wednesday 2,443, Thursday 3,503, Friday 2,240, Saturday 2,789, Sunday 1,874, Monday 848 and yesterday 1,373), bringing the total number from the beginning of the pandemic to 160,938.

The regions. The currently positive cases are 20,224 in Lombardy, 4,686 in Piedmont, 2,839 in Emilia-Romagna, 2,818 in Lazio, 1,387 in Veneto, 1,310 in the Marche, 1,036 in Puglia, 973 in Tuscany, 880 in Sicily, 869 in Campania, 736 in Abruzzo, 222 in the Autonomous Province of Trento, 514 in Liguria, 233 in Friuli Venezia Giulia, 146 in Sardinia, 127 in Molise, 120 in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, 110 in Calabria, 31 in Umbria, 23 in Basilicata and 13 in Valle d’Aosta.

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