In Italy there are 10 new outbreaks of Coronavirus, the virologist Pregliasco: Intervene immediately


Even if in Italy the transmission index of the infection of Coronavirus remains below the threshold of 1 in almost all regions, as the Higher Institute of Health pointed out, and the epidemiological curve has remained stable for a few weeks, concern new outbreaks of the infection that has erupted across the country. They are well at the moment 10, distributed between the North and South of the Peninsula. If in the first phase of the emergency at risk it was mainly hospitals and RSA, today the virus seems to spread in particular on workplaces and in condominiums or family environments. These cases, as stated by the infectious disease specialist Massimo Galli, head of the Sacco hospital in Milan, “are proof of the fact that the circulation of the virus is still present, as many of us have long claimed. We are still in need to contain the phenomenon with all the attention it deserves. I hope you don’t have to face a new one lockdown, but you have to be with very open eyes and very high guard “.

The list of 10 outbreaks currently active in Italy

Currently, there are a dozen situations to keep under control: first of all, the outbreak of Mondragone (Caserta) where the 700 residents of the ex Cirio Palaces were quarantined where 43 positive cases were found; that of Palmi, in the province of Reggio Calabria, where there are 8 positives and where the red zone had been declared in recent days in three districts of the coastal area; that of Bologna, where there are more than 60 employees infected by the Bartolini warehouse in the Roveri area; and then again, that of Montecchio (Reggio Emilia), with an outbreak in two families with parental ties for a total of 8 positives, almost all of them asymptomatic; that of Bolzano, with a family outbreak with 11 positives; that of Como, where 7 positives were found in a shelter for needy people. In Provinces of Prato and Pistoia an outbreak with 19 positives has developed, as well as a Porto Empedocle, in the province of Agrigento, with an outbreak in the ship of migrants brought by the Sea Watch for a total of 28 positives, ad Alexandria, in a nursing home with 13 positives e Rome, where there were three clusters: in a religious institute with 4 positives, in the Garbatella district and at the San Raffaele Pisana hospital.

Pregliasco: “If we intervene now we will avoid a second wave in the fall”

Ten active Covid outbreaks “are not a walk, but if we deal with these situations in a timely manner, I am optimistic: we will avoid a second wave in the fall”, was the virologist’s comment Fabrizio Pregliasco in an interview with Newspaper, specifying that “every regional health service must function efficiently and proactively, we must go to look for dangerous situations and carry out epidemiological investigations”, finding and isolating especially the asymptomatic. The expert added that “the virus is still there, but with the containment measures it circulates less and therefore we see few cases. It is the law of large numbers: on a few patients, the serious one escapes us but most of it is formed from trivial cases that we didn’t see before. We have to avoid with ours behavior responsible and with the tracking work, that the outbreaks grow and that the virus regains strength “.

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