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Yesterday in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, a small far-left party inaugurated a statue of Vladimir Lenin – leader of the communist revolution in Russia in 1917 – in front of his headquarters. Before the statue was erected, the city administration had attempted to block the initiative, with a campaign on social media and a request to the court, but without success. According to the party, it is the first time that a statue of Lenin has been inaugurated in what was once western Germany, almost thirty years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

The initiative, which also took place at a time when statues were being discussed all over Europe, was highly criticized by institutional parties because of the controversies linked to the figure of Lenin and the communist regime that was established in Russia.

The mayor of Gelsenkirchen, a social democrat, said: “We live in a time when many countries have a reflection on monuments. It is difficult to tolerate that a twentieth-century dictator is placed on a pedestal and made into a monument. Unfortunately, the court decided otherwise, so we have to accept it, but not without having our say. ”

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