“In autumn the leaders of different parties could change” – Libero Quotidiano


The political scenario may change in the autumn. An eventuality that Augusto Minzolini he does not feel able to exclude: “Taking into account the desert that exists at national level – he said to Omnibus up La7they could change the leaderships of different political parties, many regional governors have increased their popularity. ” The reference to the Democratic Party, in which the leadership of Nicola Zingaretti is in crisis and above all in danger: there is no shortage of candidates for the role of secretary with the desire to ring the alarm clock at a party that seems to be moving forward by inertia.

One of them could be Stefano Bonaccini, who is among the governors who have seen their consensus grow thanks to the good management of the coronavirus epidemic. In this category the record holder is however Luca Zaia. “Surveys even give it to 92% in Veneto“, Said Minzolini, who then made a request to avoid the” rebound “between the Region and the government that was at the basis of the tragedy in Lombardy:” I wish there is a sort of protocol so when the contagion curve is lifts, the lockdown measures automatically start ”.

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