in 40% of the classrooms impossible distancing


School, lessons will begin on September 14th. Azzolina: «Thursday the guidelines for the return»

The lessons at school will resume on September 14, while next Thursday the guidelines for the reopening of the school year will arrive: ministry and Regions, after a technical work that has been going on for days, have developed the Guidelines for the return in September which must now be examined by the Scientific Technical Committee, then examined next Thursday by the Conference of the Regions and then obtain the final agreement in the State-Regions Conference on the same day as Thursday. But meanwhile the alarm of the principals arrives: in at least 40% of the classrooms it is practically impossible to maintain a distance of one meter between the desks.

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School in September, principals appeal: «Serological tests to students»
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“What do we do in these cases? This is the main question to which the guidelines should answer », says Antonello Giannelli, who leads the national association of principals. As for the date of resumption of lessons, the Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina proposed September 14 and it is a date that satisfies most of the governors, even if someone remains perplexed. “The regions – explains Cristina Grieco, who coordinates the regional education councilors – will ask to have as little inconvenience as possible in schools, where there will be elections. It would be important to find other seats for the polling stations, also for the future “. A proposal, this one, which saw the sharing of numerous political exponents starting from the secretary of the Democratic Party Nicola Zingaretti and from the deputy minister of Education Anna Ascani. As for the guidelines for the restart in September – the ministry will discuss it with the unions in a meeting that was convened for the day after tomorrow, Wednesday 24 June – the hypotheses go in the direction of banks at least one meter apart – but the Regions they offer an area equal to 1.8 square meters per pupil, to avoid subjective criteria which then risk creating problems for school managers – staggered entries and exits, classes divided into groups and the use of gyms and classrooms.

There is also the idea that, before returning to school in September, all school staff – teachers, ATAs and managers – will have to undergo a health screening to check their health. «We look forward to knowing the guidelines to finally define the contents of the protocol on security measures – says Maddalena Gissi, who leads the CISL School – we will check in the next few days what are the changes made by the Scientific Technical Committee; spacing measures are as important as anti-contagion rules. Scientists must ensure well-being in schools and should not be influenced by the limited resources made available to create less crowded classes “. The other theme that continues to arise is that of the staff. «On September 1st the school will need about 200,000 alternates, both for common places and for support. There will be 38,000 chairs left vacant and 39,000 retirements. The tenured teachers serve immediately, in September, and not in two or more years “, warns Pino Turi, secretary of the Uil School.

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