Imu 2020, advance payment expires on June 16. How to calculate it and pay the right


The Imu remains alone

Tasi says goodbye, the Imu is alone. But you will not pay less than last year. Confirmed deadlines: therefore by June 16 you have to go to the cashier to pay the deposit, despite Covid and although many homes, for example the second houses, have not been practically used in this first part of 2020. But the IMU is a property tax, affects ownership of the asset, not use. Only hotels, boarding houses, tourist accommodation facilities, bathing establishments and spas have been exempted from payment, provided that they are managed by the owner. Municipal property taxes were subject to a small restyling. Tasi, the tax that went to finance indivisible services, was abolished and practically merged into the IMU, at least for those types of properties that had to pay it (generally second homes and rented properties).
* Italian Association of Chartered Accountants

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