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RESIDENT EVIL 8 it could present itself to the public in conjunction with the launch event scheduled for the new Sony home console, or the long-awaited PlayStation 5. The survival horror of Capcom becomes involved in new details derived from the recent corridor rumors that want more information about story and characters.

The plot will arrange the storyline based on a sect that venerates the virus. No presence of supernatural elements but hallucinations due to the presence of an aerial virus capable of altering the perception of events in the characters.

At the head of the cult The Connections a count called Alan R., who lives in a large castle located in a snowy area. He won’t be the only character in the game. Let’s find out more info from what are the rumors of the moment.

Rumors Resident Evil 8: the news of the game

Next to the supreme head of the sect there will be members of the “Blue Umbrella” in the personalities of Natalia and Alex Wesker. The player will play the role of the young woman Emily, a girl residing in the sinister village near the castle.

The purpose of the character is to draw to safety Ehtan, main protagonist in Resident Evil 7 that after an attack by Chris Redfield he finds himself in this place. According to a reconstruction it appears that Ethan e My had a child with virus-related problems and that Chris broke into their home to eliminate the child, seriously injuring the woman.

For the settings we will be both in the village and in the castle and in the nearby forest, where a game action will unfold in wide open spaces. It will take one torch as the environments are particularly dark and sinister. Various humanoid enemies will hinder us with frightening costumes and weapons (swords, maces and knives) capable of injuring and killing us at any moment.

Obviously it is only rumors yet to be verified. Stay on our channels to find out more.

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