Impatient Pd, veering on economic dossiers


Conte now fears the hypothesis of Di Maio's government: an impatient Pd, veering on economic dossiers

In one day from Chigi palace news arrived on Alitalia, ex Ilva, simplifications and even, through the Presidency of the Chamber, reassurances on the timing of approval of the relaunch decree. Nothing on the Mes or on Autostrade, of course, but it is the signal of how the nervousness of the second majority party, the Democratic Party, has been discharged on the Prime Minister. Giuseppe Conte tries to react. He is organizing a summit with the heads of delegation for today, but above all he asked his reference party, the M5S, to clearly tell him what he intends to do on some files that have been traveling on the desks of ministers and undersecretaries for months. The situation is such that the Grillini ministers challenge Covid and meet in person with Regent Crimi.

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Conte risks paying the stall price which he avoided paying in August by attributing many of the responsibilities that were elsewhere to the Salvini League. After almost a year, the internal geography of grillism is even more fragmented, producing a weakness that is discharged on the premier and which also infects the party secretary who eleven months replaced the League and who promised a change of pace promising to change even some reforms, judged “nefarious” of the sovereign season. And instead, after voting, in fourth reading, the cut of parliamentarians, the Democratic Party of Nicola Zingaretti is discovered empty-handed. The cancellation of the prescription, made in Bonafede, is still standing as well as the safety decrees, while the construction sites are stopped. And perhaps this is the subordination that the president of Emilia Romagna Stefano Bonaccini does not want. Not only that, Conte is unable to become leader of that “Ursula majority” who should have redefined the structures of a new center-left and on which the Zingaretti Democratic Party has aimed, preferring that he remain in Palazzo Chigi rather to favor the rise of Luigi Di Maio .

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Returning to focus on the current foreign minister remains the last chance the Democratic Party has not to return to the vote and the 5S not to return almost everyone home early. Conte is aware of the pitfall and that is why he is careful not to dissatisfy the Di Battista wing which now represents the most important guarantee for his stay in Palazzo Chigi. In this way, the premier guarantees to last, but the government action is affected.
And now comes the challenge of the Mes, an instrument that Europe makes available – after having changed its features – together with others. Not only does it represent the Marshall plan that Czechoslovakia refused in ’48, but it takes up that spirit of belonging, then to the West and today to Europe, which it is no coincidence that many European sovereignists fight judging it a trap or a waste. Zingaretti claims its use and wrote it yesterday in the letter published by the Corriere that it also surprised many party colleagues who had dressed up to postpone the challenge to September. Conte’s idea was not to mention MES in the resolution which will have to be voted on in Parliament on July 15. On the other hand, the meeting in Brussels discusses the Community budget and the Recovery fund. Two issues on which the agreement has not yet been found, while the Mes is already an operational tool. Yet it will be difficult to avoid the count, given that + Europa and FI will present their motions.

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The prevarication of Conte sul Mes is incomprehensible to the Democratic Party also because the party is led by a regional president, Zingaretti, who, like his colleagues De Luca, Bonaccini and Rossi (but also Zaia and Fontana), has absolute urgency for resources to modernize the health system. For Zingaretti, giving up those funds – or thinking of recovering them by making another debt that would cost taxpayers 5 billion more as the astute Vito Crimi advises – is also unthinkable because it would represent a blow as party secretary and region president. The fraying of relationships in the majority, the continuous whipping of Zingaretti who after ten months has effectively assumed the role of head of delegation replacing Franceschini, but above all Conte’s inability to tow the 5S, represent a problem that cannot last long. Especially if in the Democratic Party there are those who believe the attempt to transform the grillini into a component of the new olive tree of which Conte should have become the federator has failed. To certify the failure of the dem-project, September is therefore expected with the regional elections that will re-propose the Salvinian bogeyman and the clash on the Mes that Conte has not yet managed to resolve.

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