Immuni, the anti-covid 19 app does not break through: limitations and technical problems


The Immuni app does not work on all devices. Requires advanced versions of operating systems, and users complain about problems on Huawei smartphones

Immune, the anti-covid 19 app does not break through: limitations and technical problems

In the first twenty-four hours of launch, the Immuni app has been downloaded over 100,000 times through the Store Google Play. However, the number of downloads on Apple systems is not known, writes Fulvio Sarzana on Sole 20 Ore.

Such an important application should be as widespread as possible within the population. But this is not the case, not only because of the diffidence of some in the management of personal data. In fact, the application is not compatible with all devices. For this to work, you need a latest generation smartphone. In fact, it requires at least the version 13.5 of the iOS operating system or 6 of the Android operating system. So all the iPhone 6 and earlier are cut off.

In addition, it requires Google Play Service version 20.18.13. Users also report several usage problems with Huawei mobile phonesended up at the center of the US-China clash. In fact, President Trump has included the Chinese giant in the US trade blacklist: for this Huawei cannot buy Google’s software for smartphones.

The Immuni application, explains PC Professionale, is designed to work even in the background but requires bluetooth to be active. Also, once a day you have to connect to the Internet to download the Temporary Exposure Key (TEK), the list of people tested positive for the virus associated with a device with the app installed. For this, in a first phase, these notifications will appear only in Liguria, Abruzzo, Marche and Puglia, the regions that have agreed to start the experimentation. Provided that users have in turn authorized the system to share TEKs with the help of regional health workers.

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Immune, problems reported by users

How the Immuni app works: the problems reported by users
How the Immuni app works: the problems reported by users

On Android systems, Immuni requires that GPS, the location service, also be activated, but the app does not access data on the position of your device.

The first reviews provide average user satisfaction, on Google Play on a scale of 1 to 5 the rating at 3pm on June 3 was 3.6. Several users report technical problems and malfunctions. Many users of Huawei devices, for example, complain that the Bluetooth turns off when the phone goes into standby and this blocks the app in the background, making it useless for both them and others, as the devices do not receive and do not communicate data. In any case, the app will come soon also released on the App Gallery, the parallel store for the latest generation Huawei smartphones, and this could solve incompatibility problems.

Other users also complain of high battery consumption and background activity blocking on Samsung J6 and J7 devices.

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