Immuni is now active throughout Italy


From today, Monday 15 June, the Immuni app (here it is well explained how it works) is active throughout Italy, after a week of experimentation that has affected only four regions: Abruzzo, Liguria, Marche and Puglia.

The application for the tracking of cases of contagion from coronavirus can be downloaded as early as June 1 both on phones with iOS and Android operating system, but not on the latest Huawei smartphones, not compatible with Google services due to a ban decided by the US administration of Donald Trump. Bending Spoons, the Milanese company that developed the app, said it is “working to make these smartphones compatible with the application as soon as possible”.

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Coronavirus emergency commissioner Domenico Arcuri said that the app has so far been downloaded by 2 million 200 thousand Italians and that from today “there will be a massive communication campaign” to encourage the download. «I want to reiterate that it is anonymous and will remain so until the end of its use and that it is a fundamental component in the strategy of containing the pandemic in your country. We wanted and had to comply with the privacy requirements and took the least amount of time, “said Arcuri.

Immune, well explained

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