Immune: thousands ” insult ” developers for the English language. But the downloaded app is another


” App for Italy too bad that all written in English I have no idea what is written ”: this is one of the recurring comments on the Play Store on the Immune System app that many have exchanged for the official Immuni application, issued by the Department for Digital Transformation for the tracking of contagions from COVID-19. It’s a pity that the application is not really the Italian one of the Ministry of Health but an English application on teaching that has nothing to do with the original one.

Immune System: here’s the wrong app

History seems more of a joke than reality yet going on the Play Store to the Immune System app page and scrolling through the various comments released with 1 star you can find angry users towards the developers who installed the application and found everything written in English not understanding what you talk about the app and not even what it does. The problem? The users in question had downloaded the wrong app and not the Immuni that the Ministry had released last week and advertised directly on the official website at THIS PAGE.
Immune System has to do with the immune system but not with COVID-19 tracking but the application is an educational program that explains the functioning of the immune system and therefore does not serve, unlike Immuni, for the tracing of infections by Coronavirus. but yet the similar name has misled many Italians who downloaded the wrong application and then, in ignorance, decided to rail against developers with surreal reviews.

Here are a few:
“I am 63 years old and I speak four languages ​​(except English). Because if I am in Italy, with all this technology I have no possibility of having it in Italian, or Spanish, maybe German or Portuguese ????? I hate this folly of wanting to put the English necessarily in people’s heads. Or we want to make the race … “
” Other than 5 stars, I answer good morons in English, I live in Italy and I don’t replace my grammar with the one that would take me to the Middle Ages. ”
” Only in English? It doesn’t appear written that in Lombardy it doesn’t work ”
” Obscene even on my s10 samsung lite does not work and then they had to do it when needed now almost useless hello ”
” App for Italy, pity that all written in English does not have the faintest idea of ​​what is written. ”
We know how important developers are positive reviews when apps are released on stores. So imagine the bewilderment with which the developers of this educational app, intended primarily for teachers and students, had to witness the demolition unjustified of their work.
In this case Google has decided to resolve the issue by disabling negative comments in the overall rating, who had sunk the app’s rating and created serious damage to the developers’ image. Moreover, in the description of the Immune System app, that is, the non-Italian one, you can clearly read what to expect from the application, what it is used for and for whom it is designed. Of course the notes are in English, like the whole lapp, but nobody must have read them.

Luckily,many other users, who instead have well understood the purposes of the application, but above all they did not run into the error and they understood that it was not the notorious Immuni,have tried to remedy by posting positive reviews to apologize for the ignorance of compatriots. And here is that the application is dotted with positive comments but above all with 5-star ratings where above all apologies for the bad figure caused by other users.
” I downloaded and installed it in reaction to the crass ignorance of those who gave negative reviews while the only negative thing was their IQ. Apart from that, however, in English (which is learned at school) and not in some strange Finno-Finn language, brag about your ignorance as I have … ”
” Solidarity with the developers, but I want to address my comment to all the morons who have put a star. Are you there or are you doing it? You are of a unique ignorance !!! Not only have you not noticed that the name is completely different, but you have not come across the slightest suspicion when I … ”
” I downloaded the app to give a positive review. I apologize for the Boeots who downloaded the app thinking (so to speak) that it was the immune app. And then they complained why in English and not the ministry app. Idiots and hypocorticals who soften the air I breathe. You deserve to … ”
” As usual we have to make a fool’s appearance … This is not the immune app for Italy! And the fact that you don’t know English isn’t a good reason to give an app a bad review! Educate yourself idiots! As far as the application itself is concerned, really interesting … ”

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