Immune, the app arrives in digital stores. Green light from the Privacy Guarantor. But beware of the fake email to download it: it’s a virus


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Two days after the official start of the experimentation of the contact tracking app in four regions, the arrival of is expected immune in the digital stores of Apple is Google. From Monday evening it will be downloadable from all devices, but will be activated only in the regions participating in the experimentation: Liguria, Abruzzo, Marche is Puglia. The website is already online. Meanwhile, the Guarantor for the protection of personal data gave the green light to the Covid-19 alert system, authorizing the app. “I hope they will download as many people as possible,” said the deputy health minister Pierpaolo Sileri. “It starts with a test that will last a few days, then from next week or the next one, it will then be extended to all”. But even before the application came the scams: Agid-Cert, the government structure that deals with cybersecurity, warns of a computer virus ‘hidden’ in an email which invites you to click on a site to download the app. Instead it infects the pc with a malware: investigations have already started Police post to go back to the source.

How does it work – The app is for trace the contacts of those infected by Covid-19. Once installed, just insert little data, like your city of residence, and the system will work automatically: smartphones – when they are found at a distance of less than one meter – to exchange automatically and anonymously generated codes. As in line at the supermarket, or at the hairdresser. So, if a person were to contract the coronavirus, the reference ASL will unlock the code by starting an alert message on all phones of people who have met, even unconsciously, with the infected. From June 3 it will be put to work in four regions, then in the rest of Italy. “More than an experiment it will be a few days test, maybe a week, to test the functionality of the app, “he explains Pierluigi Lopalco, epidemiologist at the head of the Apulian task force for the coronavirus emergency, which has already announced his intention to download it because, he explains, “represents security for each of us“. It allows you to track those “unknown” contacts that otherwise could not be achieved. According to Sileri, the app “fits into a positive tracking system that it sees an essential role of the competent doctorand in the procedure of tracing the positive subjects or close contacts. ”

The guarantor’s ok – Today has also arrivedauthorization of the Privacy Statement to the Ministry of Health to start the treatment relating to the Covid-19 Alert System, that is the app. ”Based on the impact assessment transmitted by the Ministry, the processing of personal data carried out within the System can to be considered proportionate – reads on the site – having taken measures to guarantee sufficiently respect for rights and the freedoms of the interested parties, which mitigate the risks that could derive from treatment “. In the note, however, there are proposals for measures to “strengthen security” to be adopted down in the experimentation, also considering that the app can also be used by those who have less than 14 years. In particular, underlines the Guarantor, “the Authority asked that users are properly informed on the functioning of the calculation algorithm used to assess the risk of exposure to infection. And they will have to be brought to the knowledge that the system could generate exposure notifications that do not always reflect an actual risk condition. Users will also need to be able to temporarily disable the app through an easily accessible function “.

The computer virus asking for a ransom – The app will be available within a few hours on digital stores, both Apple and Google. There is no email to download it, what is circulating is a scam: invite to click on a fake site that imitates that of the Fofi, the Federation of Italian Pharmacist Orders. The virus is called FuckUnicorn and spreads a ransomware (virus that takes devices hostage and then asks for a ransom) under the pretext of having a renamed file downloaded immune. Once downloaded, a fake control panel appears, but in the meantime the malware encrypts the files present on the victim’s Windows system and to unlock them asks for a ransom: the payment of 300 euros. The experts of Cnaipic, the National Center for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures, for days now they have been trying to identify the servers and IP addresses used to send the emails.

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