Immune app, storm by image: “Go against women”


Immune app, storm by image: Go against women

A woman holds a child in her arms. The man, on the other hand, works: the image on the Immuni app becomes a case and pushes the minister Elena Bonetti to announce imminent graphic changes. “Dear Anna Paola Concia, I wrote to Minister Paola Pisano yesterday (Technological Innovation and Digitization, editor’s note) and she immediately reassured me that a modification is underway, which will be released shortly”, writes the Minister of Equal Opportunities, responding to the former democratic deputy Anna Paola Concia who had specifically asked her to change the image.

“Minister Elena Bonetti – previously wrote Tanning to the owner of the Equal Opportunities, posting the sketch that accompanies the App – please kindly speak to Minister Paola Pisano (owner of the Department of Technological Innovation and Digitization, editor’s note) because this image out of time and history must be changed. I wrote must, yes – explained the former parliamentarian, known for her commitment to protecting the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals – because you owe it to Italian women who do not they deserve all this. ” Strictly speaking, the net comment of the songwriter Turci: “I share”.

“How is it possible that the image of women in 2020 is still linked, even within institutions, to the most worn and abused stereotypes? The story of the app should not be minimized because it is a symptom of something serious and profound”, is the deputy secretary of the Democratic Party, Andrea Orlando, intervened on twitter.

“There are comments on the #immuniApp worse than the stereotyped image (woman with child and man at work). Many, too many, who justify it and are scandalized by the scandal,” wrote Enrico Letta.

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