Immigration, Rackete: “EU exploits the crisis and forgets human rights”. Solidarity with Nello Scavo under threat


The activity of ships to the rescue of migrants in the Mediterranean does not stop. Today at dawn the Ionian Sea saved 43 people, including women and minors, about 40 miles north of Zuara. “They were aboard a boat full of water and overloaded, at risk of sinking. Now they are safe on our ship. Welcome!”, Write the Mediterranean NGO saving humans in a tweet. While Ocean Viking, which “has been on stand-by between Malta and Italy since Sunday morning” asks to be able to disembark the rescued migrants. “So far, we have not received a response from the maritime authorities to the 2 requests for a POS to land 118 people rescued on June 25,” writes Sos Mediterranee.

Just last year, during this period, the captain of the Sea Watch Carola Rackete guided the German NGO’s ship into the port of Lampedusa, forcing the blockade of the Italian authorities. “The former director of the PM office in Malta has threatened an Italian journalist. Malta is in fact involved in many dirty deals, such as the use of Maltese fishing boats to bring refugees to Libya from the Maltese research area, as explained by Nello I dig into his articles on Avvenire“, Rackete writes on Twitter in support of Scavo, who has repeatedly asked for the management of the shipwrecked from Libya to the island government by receiving a reply tweet from Neville Gafa ‘, former director of the office of the Maltese premier:” Stop the your dirty business or we’ll stop you. “

” A year ago, I entered the port of Lampedusa without authorization, after my crew and I saved 53 people from the shipwreck and after all of Europe abandoned us for more than two weeks. Our crew had to do it as part of the civilian rescue fleet because the European Union had withdrawn all its ships, despite knowing that refugees fleeing the ongoing war in Libya are attempting the crossing, ” he told Rackete. .The then Interior Minister Matteo Salvini had refused entry of the ship into the port and during more than two weeks of stalemate the situation on board had reached the extreme. So on June 29, 2019 Rackete made the ship dock in port without authorization and was arrested. In January, the Italian Supreme Court ruled that his arrest was not justified. ” Our crew had to be at sea because we know that human rights are universal and maritime law does not care about passports: I thought we had to be at sea not only to save, but also as a sign of resistance against racism structural of the European authorities, ” he added.

A year later Rackete breaks the silence to launch an appeal to ” all EU citizens ” who ” should know: those people who are drowning in the Mediterranean – at least 96 dead within this month – are not victims of an unexpected accident or a natural disaster. They drown because the EU wants them to drown, frightening those who might attempt to cross. They drown because Europe denies them access to safe routes and leaves nothing but risk their life at sea. And no one would have entered such a boat, unless it was safer than the coast! ” He said. ” As European citizens, we must stop this policy! We must tear down the fortress Europa, created to make the poor die from the Mediterranean coast where nobody sees them. There must be equality and freedom for everyone, to live and move without fear for one’s life, ” he continued.


The shame on the pier of Lampedusa

Until this becomes a reality, civilian rescue will continue to be like voluntary firefighters attempting to extinguish fires intentionally on fire by incendiaries of the EU and the wider North of the world. And although the Italian Supreme Court has validated my decision to enter the port and bring people safely in accordance with maritime law, the criminalization of sea rescue continues; in my case and in investigating others who act in solidarity with people on the move, ” continued the activist.

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In addition, European countries are exploiting the crisis caused by the coronavirus to “set aside human rights and to stop respecting the law of the sea”. ” I must stress once again that, although the new coalition of the Italian government is in power, nothing fundamental has changed within the EU and at the EU’s external borders. If there has been a change, things have gotten worse over the past year, ” continued the activist. Malta in the first place, but also other European states, including Germany, are using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to abandon human rights and to stop respecting the law of the sea. On Easter weekend, despite their position being known to the EU authorities, the castaways were left adrift for days in the Maltese rescue zone, before being intercepted by a private “ghost fleet ship” that the Maltese government he had hired to illegally bring back the 51 survivors and 5 bodies to Libya. Seven others had already drowned. Since then, little is known of further similar cases because civilian eyes at sea are unwanted. Several European states, including Spain, Malta, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany, continue to hinder rescue and monitoring of missions at sea and in flight, ” he said.



Carola Rackete, story of the captain who challenged (and beaten) Matteo Salvini

Explaining his decision not to give interviews a year after his arrival in Lampedusa, Rackete says that ” this story, however, should not concern me at all. This is why I don’t want to be the one to speak. The persistent framing of me and other rescue volunteers in the Mediterranean as heroes is a deeply problematic narrative. It removes the spotlight from the people we have saved and mistakenly creates the illusion that some people are unique or different. But like most Europeans, we – as Sea Watch 3 crew members – are above all one thing: the privileged. This does not mean that we do not face any problems in life. It means that in my case, as a white woman, I wasn’t afraid for a second that the police could kill me during the arrest or afterwards in the cell as happened to many black people, even in Germany. And that’s why we have to act, ” he explained.



Those disobedient women

” If there are heroes in that story, they are the people we met at sea and who survived much more than crossing the sea in an unworthy boat. It is not necessary for a white person to go on stage as an alleged “voice of the voiceless”, ” he explained. ” The people we save may have lost many things in their lives, but they have not lost their voices and are the experts of their own experiences. If we want to overcome structural racism, we should start by listening to them. This is why I won’t be doing interviews for the anniversary of the Sea Watch 3 mission last year. Instead, I ask everyone to listen to those whom Europe would prefer to drown rather than allow it to reach its shores, ” he concluded.

Meanwhile, the new Sea Watch plane takes off today for its first mission. While “Moonbird” stops for maintenance, “Seabird”, explains the German NGO, “allows you to continue identifying boats in danger, provide assistance in rescue operations and document human rights violations in the Mediterranean”.

Meanwhile, the landings continue in Sardinia. The number of Algerian migrants, including a woman, who arrived on the south-western coasts of the island, has touched a hundred since yesterday evening. During the night the landings did not stop: a new group of 13 people were spotted in the morning. The favorable meteorological conditions and a weak wind from the south favor the departures from Algeria and the short crossing to Sardinia. Yesterday in Porto Pino, on the beach of Sant’Anna Arresi (South Sardinia), two groups were intercepted, one of 19, the other of 8 people, including a woman. Then six other Algerians were found in Teulada, 12 in Cala Cipolla, 10 in Sa Colonia, 14 in Sant’Antioco and another 14 on the beach of Chia (Domusdemaria) this morning, where they were welcomed in a bathhouse. All are destined for the first reception center of Monastir (Cagliari) for identification procedures and medical examinations.

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