Imen Jane, no degree in Economics: the Instagram communicator resigns


“I miss the exams you can count on the fingers of one hand, I knew that this case was about to explode and for months now I had left the scene to study and be able to graduate before it happened”. Imen Jane tries to justify herself but can only confirm the doubts raised by Dagospia about his qualification. The 25-year-old did not graduate despite being an “economist” on Instagram and having built an career as an influencer and founded the social information project Will Italia.Now talking to Republic reveals: “On May 16 I advised the investors and I resigned from Will, I didn’t want my mistake to blow everything up. Now I plan to graduate at the beginning of 2021”. Born Iman Boulahrajen in 1995 to Moroccan parents and raised in the province of Varese, the influencer and television personality had been accused by Dagospia not to have graduated.
The site had published the Chamber of Commerce registration of the Will Italia company, in which the 25-year-old played the role of partner together with Alessandro Tommasi, where it reads that the girl’s qualification is the degree in Economics and business administration achieved in 2017 at the University of Milan Bicocca. University that confirms that Imen Jane is regularly enrolled but not yet graduated.”For the first three years of studies, everything went well, then I started to become famous, I had many things to do and the sessions skipped. My parents and friends always knew it, the problem was managing this information when I became a public figure. The newspapers started writing that I was a graduate and I was not able to stop them. I lacked the courage, everything was going too fast, “he explains.

Imen Jane, no degree in Economics: the Instagram communicator resigns

The position of the economist was therefore difficult, as the girl on social networks defined herself until today before reviewing her short bio (as seen in the photo), who now apologizes to the many who had trusted her. Even during an interview with Repubblica, one of the first released, the 25-year-old had answered the question “A degree in economics at Bicocca and then fame, how did you go from studying to television studies?” without denying his educational qualification.

“I have not been able to say to Republic that I wasn’t a graduate, if I had told you I would have told everyone. I thought I could do it, in my own way, to take it in hand but I found that courage there only when I went to resign “, defends the girl who a few hours after the publication of the article by Dagospia intervened with one Instagram Story.

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“There are excellent cases such as Zuckerbeg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Piero Angela who have left their studies to follow their passion,” he explained in the video. And so far there is nothing wrong, the problem remains that of having declared herself a graduate in interviews and official documents, such as the search, without having finished – it turns out today – her studies.


The information on Instagram is growing: Will collects 1.2 million euros

“I have thought many times about how I could best get out of this affair, now it is important to me to clarify that there was no bad faith, that to give up I gave up everything I had built by becoming an invisible influencer. It was my great lightness to think that nothing would have happened, I’m sorry, “she comments still dazed.

A bad blow to the image of the young ex Instagram economist and true driver of the successful information project Will Italia. Just three months after the launch of the social information and podcast community founded by the former Airbnb Alessandro Tommasi and the 25-year-old, Will obtained his first capital increase in April, a seed round (i.e. a first funding) of about 1.2 million euros. A success based on a young and transparent information plan, far from fake news, which however now seems to have jeopardized the seriousness of its DNA.

And it is Tommasi himself in the evening who also entrusts Instagram with his version of the facts: “Will is much more than the sum of two people: trust is the basis of our value set”, he says in a long story. “This morning Imen and I found ourselves having to communicate to the team a very unpleasant and wrong thing that was not known to this company until a few weeks ago. As soon as the fact was made known to us, we immediately had to accept Imen’s resignation. from every position both on the board of directors and at the operational level. It took time to find the best person to succeed. ” However, Tommasi is not a complete closure: “We have a responsibility towards a 25-year-old girl, who certainly made a mistake and to whom we said first of all to fill this gap, to resume her studies. We will be happy to have it back when she has completed this cycle. ”

Meanwhile, on social media there are many young people who comment on the story, declaring themselves disappointed by the conduct of the girl who had managed to retain a new audience on difficult topics such as those of the economy. “Imen, the problem is not your life choices. The problem is making people believe you are who you are not. Having based your career on the fight against disinformation, you should have corrected the dozens of articles that talked about your degree”, he writes on the user on Twitter.

To the many boys who follow her now Imen wants to send a message: “I don’t want the idea that a boy can improvise. The study is fundamental and I never thought that the university of life was the right way. I think it takes passion and commitment or study and dedication. This is why I want that degree now, it will be the official recognition of my passion. And then I will have a great party “.

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