I’m suffocating but the agents block him on the ground


He said he was suffocating seven times, but the agents who stopped him during a check kept him stuck on the road. Cédric Chouviat, 42-year-old bellboy, married and with 5 children, died two days after that episode, which occurred near the Eiffel Tower to Paris. It was last January 3, but the story returned to the spotlight from the transalpine and international press following protests that broke out all over the world after the death of George Floyd, 46 year old African American always killed during a police arrest a Minneapolis, United States, on May 25, at the end of the Memorial Day celebrations weekend. There are many similarities between the two cases.

It was also opened about Chouviat’s death, like Floyd’s investigation. French investigators have filed i video retrieved from the bellboy’s cell phone and the records from the policemen’s helmet. The four agents involved were arrested and interrogated last week in the investigation currently proceeding for manslaughter and that has undergone a clear acceleration in light of what has happened in Minnesota. In the images being investigated by the investigators, the 42-year-old is shown showing impatience towards the agents who want to verify the documents and fine him because the license plate it is not legible and because it seems he was looking at his cell phone while driving his scooter. “Without the uniform you are nothing,” he tells them. One of the policemen claims to have also received an insult, which however is not confirmed by the videos. After about ten minutes of voltage between the man and the policemen, there is arrest.

The bell boy is then thrown to the ground with the so-called “suffocation technique” to immobilize him. The scene ends with the man’s cry for help before losing consciousness and being taken to the hospital. “I am suffocating“Cedric repeats seven times in 22 seconds. He arrived in the emergency room for one fracture of the larynx, will die two days later from a cardiac arrest autopsy then confirmed that the death occurred for suffocation and the family has been asking for answers for months on what happened. None of the agents involved in the affair have been suspended but it will be decided soon whether or not they will be accused of the murder of the 42 year old. “France is not the United States, but it is getting very close,” said the Chouviat lawyer, William Bourdon, in a press conference held today in Paris.

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