Ilva, the government attacks Mittal: “The plan is unacceptable, we will overturn it”. Trade unions: “Time has run out, quick responses and stop blackmail”


Unacceptable, inadequate e enormous, unsatisfactory e not feasible. The government and i extraordinary commissioners nip the industrial plan presented by ArcelorMittal that provides 5 thousand redundancies between layoffs and failure to reinstate workers already in charge of the extraordinary administration of Ilva. But in front of labor unions – that the plan, in fact, did not see it because it was considered “Reserved” – no clarification on the details nor what will be moves that the executive intends to design to curb i cuts and i referrals of modernizations is environmentalization that the multinational has put black on white, making confetti of theagreement signed on 4th March to end the legal war triggered in November in an attempt to return the plants.

Trade unions: “Time expired, quick responses” – An escape strategy that ArcelorMittal is suspected of – absent from the meeting because “that plan cannot even be discussed”, explained a minister – continues to pursue it still, buying time waiting for November when thanks to a clause of contract can abandon the steel mills of Ilva paying 500 million euros. Also because from a technical and financial point of view, the Commissioner said it clearly Alessandro Danovi, the plan “is not feasible”. Fiom, Uilm is Fim express dissatisfaction is disappointment for the lack of “truth”, says the secretary of Uilm Rocco Palombella remembering that there are thousands of workers “Desperate” with a check from 900 euros per month, while the secretary of Fiom Francesca Re David asks “Quick and concrete answers” to build a “path” that closes a story opened by 8 years old and imprint one “Radical turning point” to the dispute. “Time has run out, the situation is explosive. We need to get out of the blackmail “, is the request of the unions. But while in plants grows voltage, the road appears increasingly tortuous because the government does not have an alternative plan in the presence of Mittal a Taranto.

Mise and Tesoro: “Unacceptable plan, there is a contract” – It is no coincidence that, beyond the broadside, the Minister of Economic Development Stefano Patuanelli underlines how it is the intention of the government “Carry on” the agreement of March 4 which provided for a “Co-investment” to protect i employment levels and look at the “production with hydrogen which can be an important element in five years from now ”. For this the plan post-coronavirus by ArcelorMittal is “unacceptable” and “radically departs” from the agreement reached just two months ago. And he assures: “There is no intention to carry out their proposal.” A strategy “Inadequate”, the Minister of Economy defines it Roberto Gualtieri, because “it goes far beyond adapting to the effects of Covid-19” and “Detaches substantially” Agreement. “There’s a contract, ArcelorMittal must take its own responsibility. We are aware that there are effects related to the pandemic, but the plan is disproportionate “, the Treasury holder reasons adding that” if the counterpart has changed its position, we will draw the necessary consequences “but it also warns that” there are no simple solutions “, all the more reason now that Ilva ‘s relaunch goes through the times and resources of European green deal. “Today we have the opportunity, never before, to field important ones investments, also thanks to EU funds, to go towards one environmentally friendly transition “, is Patuanelli’s reasoning that announced a new meeting next week also with the company “to find a solution”.

Commissioners: “Commitments breached” – Investments and resources in front of which the 5 thousand redundancies, adds the minister Nunzia Catalfo, they are an employment solution “not acceptable”. The same summary of Ilva’s extraordinary commissioners in extraordinary administration, who remains the owner of the plants: “I 7,500 employees speculated and the possible recovery in 2025, with the return of workers, represents a violation of the commitments “, explains Commissioner Danovi. Nor is there more light, he adds, “sui financial numbers, excessively synthetic “. To worry, he continues, is that “there are conditions towards third parties that should also finance the losses”. The plan presented, he summarizes, “cannot be realized, we have a contract and we will try to enforce it. ”

King David: “Explosive situation, what is the plan?” – But if government and commissioners are looking for room for maneuver, there is no more time for the unions. “The situation in the plants is explosive, it is no longer manageable and it is unthinkable go on like this ”, warns Fiom. “Yes strike to win a table to discuss layoffs, there is a uncertain climateto which it should be everybody’s goal to stop ”, says Francesca Re David asking asking“ what does it actually mean ”to consider the plan unacceptable. “What are the times? Charged by who is there safeguard clause for whom is in extraordinary administration? There is a alternative project in Mittal? The meeting should have this objective – he attacks – We have been going on for ten years, we need answers from the government within a sector plan for the steel industry. A path must be built quickly, workers are on the verge of enduring the situation. ”

Uilm: “Desperate workers, let’s get out of blackmail” – For Rocco Palombella you need a “Meeting truth” because Mittal “punctually makes agreements and then does not respect them”. The multinational, says the secretary of Uilm, “Keep taking all the bottoms”. The unionist’s attack is frontal: “There are desperate workers they are in layoffs at 900 euros per month and plants stopped and falling apart. You must be interested in life there are workers serious responsibilities of politics. You have to say how you want to protect 20 thousand workers. Time is up. Let’s get out of blackmail of Mittal, take 1.5 billion and invest them on the workers, putting them in safety and protecting their occupation. ” The union alarm is confirmed by voltage palpable outside the gates of thesteelworks of Taranto, where the workers gathered in garrison during the meeting. “We have been carrying on this problem since 2008. We are tired”, is the message that bounces from mouth to mouth. “With ArcelorMittal everything seemed to be in order but after less than two years we find ourselves with the same problems, indeed things have gotten worse. The mood? Staying at home with € 800 of layoffs what should we say? They threw away the key and we are no longer working. ”

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