Iliad, the MISE confirms the start of the fixed. Offer only spusu data on W3 network


The Ministry of Economic Development has confirmed the ok to Iliad to operate as telephone operator in the landline. This is the first, awaited, official act which confirms that the fourth mobile operator is now close to landing in style in the fiber market.

A landing in the landline that of course we at will follow closely, updating you step by step with a careful selection of news, rumors and previews. To not miss any of our episodes from the world of Iliad, follow us on the TELEGRAM 4FAN.IT channel.

But what does this MISE ok consist of? When will Iliad really launch landline offers?

Iliad banner

The request for insertion has been made by Iliad for several days but the public register of operators has been updated only in more recent times. It is a fundamental step to make your debut with a real offer, but evidently it is not the only one.

The next fundamental step will be the announcement of a partnership. And in all probability the supply will be requested from Open Fiber, the main player in the wholesale market. The negotiation, according to journalists from Milano Finanza, would have advanced. Open Fiber, controlled by Enel and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti will allow Iliad to exploit its fiber network and this would exclude the operator from the now obsolete business of ADSL.

A fiber-only Iliad therefore that could then widen the perimeter of the technical partnerships with Flash Fiber, the alliance between Tim and Fastweb which controls other kilometers of fiber.

2020 or 2021

Some hypotheses are also circulating about a possible landing of Iliad in fiber in September. But we learned about Iliad and as it was for the landing in the mobile, the leaders seem not to be in too much of a hurry, trying once again to score something sensational and truly revolutionary for the market. It is therefore much more plausible today that Iliad arrives on landline in 2021. And a new revolution will certainly start.

Also expected for a no limits data rate from spusu

Data rate no limit spusu

The wait in these hours is also strong for another interesting debut. That of the new mobile operator spusu. Obviously, as it is right, we will try to update you also on this arrival. Also because one of the most anticipated tariffs could be a good alternative to traditional fixed telephony.

spusu, it is rumored, could also bring a limitless data tariff to Italy, on WindTre’s 4G network. The price set for Austria is € 19.90 per month. An offer that could also prove interesting for our market and attract a group of users who, for the moment, perhaps waiting for Iliad, do not want to install a real landline.

Between spusu and new news on Iliad, it will be a really fiery June. Continue to stay tuned here on

Now the word as always passes to you. Space for your comments on Iliad fixed telephony and the arrival of a data-only offer by spusu. What do you think?

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