Iliad prepares the next revolutions for 5G offer and fixed telephony


To celebrate iliad’s second birthday in Italy the operator promised a revolutionary surprise which, in the end, revealed to be a contest to find some hidden numbers in the official posts on social networks to win an iPhone 11, a less substantial surprise than hoped for in many cases, in any case, other iliad revolutions can be expected to arrive, in particular a 5G offer and subsequently the operator’s entry into fixed telephony.

The anticipation came in the days of the second birthday celebrations with a post signed by Benedetto Levi, young CEO of Iliad Italia. «On May 29, 2018 we arrived on the market with our offer, it seems a moment ago. Just the time to make a revolution. And we are ready to make many more ».

In his message the manager does not specify the new revolutions coming, in any case Levi has offered clear and precise indications in interviews and speeches in the past months. In order of time, the next iliad revolution will consist of the 5G offer that the manager anticipates as different from all those of the other operators, so far concentrated in advertising and marketing because in this way the attention of customers is not focused on the scarcity of available terminals and above all on the limited territorial coverage of next generation networks.

Advances generally indicate that iliad will launch its 5G offer in the second half of this year. Bearing in mind Levi’s statements, it is practically certain that this revolution will not only come soon, but especially in time for the iPhone 12, with four models all expected with 5G connectivity.

The third iliad revolution instead before the pandemic was vaguely foreseen by 2024, but closures, remote work, remote school and so on, have accelerated project and plan: now it seems that iliad’s entry into fixed telephony for calls and above all Internet subscriptions for the home may already arrive by 2021.

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On Macitynet we followed the arrival of the new fourth national mobile operator starting from the advances, to the presentation of iliad Italia held in Milan, with insights on the iliad tariffs on offer launch from 5.99 euros per month for 30 GB plus unlimited calls and SMS , passing by shops and vending machines SIMBOX, the consumer Internet subscription plan with delivery of SIM iliad at home, and finally even with a tutorial on how to activate the SIM iliad once delivered to your doorstep.

In November users Iliad Italy have exceeded 4.5 million: the operator continues to invest to expand its proprietary cellular network. This article discusses the details of the offer 50GB per month to 7.99 euro instead of here Kena offers and Ho, low cost virtual operators TIM and Vodafone respectively, introduced to counter the growing success of the Iliad in Italy.

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