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Two major strands of Iliad development already in the short term. New generation networks, i.e. fiber and obviously 5G. Two technologies, not alternative but perfectly integrated and indispensable assets for allow Iliad to look to the future.

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But now let’s go back to our analysis on the near technological future of Iliad, with fiber and new converging offers.

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Iliad strategically looks at fiber

Iliad’s success in these first two years of life is undoubtedly extraordinary, even above the brightest expectations. For this reason, many ask for fixed telephony while generally the attitude compared to 5G is much more lukewarm. Certainly the fault of the misinformation, in part but also of the fact that, in general perception, on the mobile front, 4G is more than enough to feed the hunger of giga and speed of Italian users.

But as said, in the strategies of all the telcos in the next five years, 5G and fiber will be two tracks of the same path. And it is good that Iliad, despite the success and the huge investments required, does not sit on its laurels.

Without the technological leap, in the end, you die. Some of our older readers will remember the case of Blu (you can read the story on The future that was not there repeatedly mentioned on the occasion of Iliad’s arrival. The unfortunate operator eventually died from internal quarrels in the shareholding structure.

But from a formal point of view, the death of the former fourth mobile operator occurred precisely with the transition from 2G to 3G. Having won nothing at the auction for the assignment of third generation frequencies, Blu, despite the good commercial response, immediately became dead matter. A company to get rid of as soon as possible. And so it was, with the famous stew that brought Blu customers to Wind’s belly.

Here it is. If today Iliad did not have its own 5G, it would lose too much ground compared to Tim and Vodafone, who in fact have already launched products in this technology. And the same is true for fiber, where the commercial approach of Iliad and all telcos will, in the near future, be that of convergence.

The convergent Iliad offer

5G and fiber will effectively cancel the distance between fixed and mobile. Which means, that already now, the trend is certainly that of the all-round manager, able to guarantee connectivity and services both at home and on the move. Without distinctions and possibly with a single offer. The term convergence, represented by an orange split in half, was for the first time used by the very first and first time Wind. But current technological developments have made it truly concrete.

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Iliad will need commercially to do in Italy what it already does in France: allow with a single fee to offer fiber at home and sim for the mobile phone. As long as there is no fiber, Iliad customers will in any case also be partly customers of another operator for the fixed line. And this is obviously an important fragility. To be overcome as soon as possible.

We have already talked about it in past posts and we will continue to write about it in the next few days, trying as always to intercept rumors and advances. But Iliad’s arrival in the landline could take place shortly. With a wholesale supply of Open Fiber, which in fact, would make startup times relatively short, with inexpensive operations.

The next few months will be crucial because Open Fiber, this mega fiber supplier that is expected to become an Iliad partner, is about to marry the TIM network. A mega operation that would lead to the merger of the two infrastructures, effectively creating a single strong national operator of the network. Of course, operators will have access to rent to convey customer service.

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Now we want to know what you think and therefore space for comments. In which Iliad fiber offer do you hope? What do you think is a priority today for the development of Iliad? Are you in favor of the merger between the Open Fiber and Telecom Italia networks?

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