“If Toretto had been there, it wouldn’t have happened”


Tapir to the presenter after the theft immediately

The theft suffered by caused a sensation Diletta Leotta a few days ago. The thieves, who entered the conductor’s apartment, took away jewelry and money for a value of about 150 thousand euros. Valerio Staffelli of Striscia la Notizia then handed over the tapir to Leotta, who commented thus: “Thanks, is this real gold? You never know … The thieves left the tapirs, they left me all: they didn’t know they were real gold … They were also taking away their shoes and perfumes, anything. The jewels were all from the family and in the safe. Now in hindsight I also wonder how they did it. Why didn’t I put Toretto? You are right, if he had been there he would not have gone like this. The wedding in July? No, when ever. I am happy that I start the championship again and I will start working again: I was looking forward to it. ”



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